... ...... ...... You know? 041207
oldephebe I mean man. I felt like a constituent part of me, or my consciousness kept trying to pull me from this plane, this slice of reality in the big ol' multi-verse pie. You dig?


I mean you DIG man! I mean here I am layin' down drifting off towards one of my normal pedestrian dreams, or idealized representation of my life..and this fool who looks a lot like me about 15 years ago is pulling into his reality. And I mean he, me, I am into some wierd s%#@!

okay so could you stop gesticulating agressively and try a little exposition?
Because there is no way I can comment or elucidate this re-telling of your encounter OKAY?

'Ey 'Ey! OK Den riight. So check Dis, Check this!

Right. I'm blandly confirming that I can hear you quite clearly screaming into my ear even though you're like two feet from me.

Man there was this THING wrapped around the other me's heart, his heart of being, like his soul had two chambers, and this dark matter morphed into a menacing looking dude dressed in 80's hip hop wear and glared at me. So I instinctively fused my consciousness with His and we flung that thing out up and off and out of him. I mean I think every sense was represented, tactile, olfactory, hearing, the colors were extremely vivid Yo'.

Yeah so I just gotta ask in a non you know not asking to have my brains stomped out of me or anything but have you recently injested some unknown hallucinogenic flora or anything?
oE " pulling me into to HIS reality.."

...... ...... ...... yeah os maybe that dream just meant that something dark, some dark thing got into you during the 80's and maybe that's the seed of all your melancholy. Maybe it's something you haven't acknowledged or let go. 050625
misstree i want them OUT
i hate it when they show up
and that's the only time
the old feelings visit,
i can feel the razor
(though it never was, either time)
but this time there was a boat
and a castle
and it was blue
and beautiful
and filled with its builders.

landscapes change
so geologically slowly
Lemon_Soda A beautiful blue castle that you visited in your dreams?

Did you come to see me by accident?
akuma aoi long strings of crazy dreams that, if i could play them back on a movie screen would look like the most surreal, hallucinogenic pornography anyone had ever witnessed

half of it woven from loose threads of memory and the rest made up as it went along
unhinged melatonin 090530
what's it to you?
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