ivyducktwilightseto a girl I know pretty well has one blue eye and one green eye. It looks super cool. 060829
oren magicalize 080726
unhinged i didn't realize how much hope i put in you until it was taken away 080727
Lemon_Soda Damn straight.

But that was my illusion, so your really not to blame at all.
epitome of incomprehensibility I think it would be cool to have metallic-coloured pupils--gold for brown and green eyes and silver for blue eyes. 080729
suicidalchinadoll you didn't believe me when I told you how beautiful they were.

in fact, they are more than beautiful.
they are magical.
unhinged the albino has magical eyes. i remember they were very easy to get lost in. 080730
what's it to you?
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