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MollyGoLightly My dirty secret is that I fall all over myself with joy when my mother's latest issue of Vanity Fair appears on the kitchen counter. 000504
Brad When i was in seventh grade or so, I used to read all of the guitar mags with the latest rock band on the cover and discussions of whether eddie van halen or yngwie malmsteen was the better guitarist. That was back when i listened to 'whatever was hip' on the radio. When i got into Coltrane, Miles, Jim Hall and Stravinsky in about the 11th grade, I finally decided that reading about playing the guitar wouldn't really do anything to make me a better player; only playing can do that. I think that was one of the more important revelations in my life. Jazz guitar is so much more satisfying than listening to records and drooling over the chops of some masturbatory guitar-god with the technique of merely the average jazz player, and not half of the musicianship. 000505
may the schwartz be with you i dunno Brad.
It's quite one thing to be self-satisfied

but to be so PUBLICLY self-satisfied seems rather masturbatory in it's own right.
... gun magazines 000611
... is it sad when a person thinks of gun magazines before periodical magazines? 000611
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