jane oh my sweet

i watched you plug a leaking spill of sodium hydroxide (NaOH?) with chocolate bars.

i saw when you fixed that broken old car with a ballpoint pen.

i watched you save that village from slavery with nothing but their own resources.

i watched you take off in a plane that was stuck in the mud by digging it a starting strip - mud, logs...

you resourceful one, you
with hair not so mullet
& those knowing eyes

how dare you kiss that blond scientist
when you know i'd be here for you forever?
highanddry sulfuric acid 050627
highanddry but you know what's odd?

NaOH + H2SO4 -- NaOH + H2SO4
hsg im a btr prsn bc of Mac. agnus or angus macgyver. one of those. 061211
hsg Archetypes, symbols, lessons. The writers used situations to convey morals, ethics.. I've all_ways looked at MacGyver as an alchemist. Also, there's symbolism in the most vague and abstract sense in that you don't have to have a solution but only remain completely ready to be aware. It reminds my of the Bruce_lee disposition of not having a Plan going into a fight but to put that energy into paying attention. It is the alternative education of knowing_nothing but not ignoring. 100207
hsg "How do you come up with this stuff." -Lisa
"Oh the stuff's already here, I just find a different way to use it." -Mac
hsg it_hit_me
MacGyver practices PhysiChemicAikido

morihei_ueshiba with BLENDS

MacGyver with a Victornox, ductape, he does TINKER

with words I PLAY
hsg ang le ssons are played on by clowns.

the scenery never changes.
it's a d just a shift_in_perception
hsg richarDeAnderson

amazing how that works out
h|s|g trail_to_doomsday 101003
h|s|g richarDeAnderson
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