America Attacked 911
"M Revolution of World Trade Center"

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[Flash File, Stephen Golding, 2001, 19:02 minutes]
Memorial to the victims of 911 and a call for military retaliation.
Warning: This digital creation contains graphic images that some viewers may find offensive.

4 July 2004 * Conerstone for "Freedom Tower" * 040704
NEW YORK (Reuters) New York's 9/11 'Freedom Tower' Cornerstone Laid

Sun Jul 4, 2:23 PM ET


Families of the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks joined New York City's mayor and two state governors on Sunday to lay the granite cornerstone of the "Freedom Tower" skyscraper at the site of the destroyed World Trade Center.
1776 feet The height of the "Freedom Tower" 040704
. symbolizes U.S. independence from Britain on July 4, 1776, and the design evokes the form of the Statue of Liberty. 040704
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Wikipedia: Freedom Tower
Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia's article on 'Freedom Tower' ... Alternate meaning: Freedom Tower (Miami) Missing imageFreedom_Tower_night.jpg Artist's conception of the proposed Freedom Tower amidst the New York skyline ...

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"An engineer working on plans for the "1776"-foot-high replacement for the World Trade Center in New York wants the wind turbines at the top to serve as Buddhist prayer wheels." 040901
hsg ironic that turbines wind up being on top? 050725
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