misstree twenty-three times more entertaining than love, lurve is what makes me want to lick like a happy puppy, makes me jump and giggle and clap and jingle, makes me grin like a banshee and spin like a top, makes affection come bubbling up like a shaken champaign bottle, to make everything delicous and sticky. 031231
misstree eeeeeewwww.... should be spelt champagne, but that spelling happens to be the midwesternization of the world... just don't ask me how they pronounce burbonnais around here... why must the cornfolk slaughter beautiful names... 031231
Doar chest butts! 031231
suicidalchinadoll you know I still lurve you.
may be a bitch..
but I do.
icy you are beautiful 060415
what's it to you?
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