~gez~ she was the last to leave the mothercar
she walks - that i
we had peace talks in the cafe
before i open up my mind

and i say

just because you phone me
think you fucking own me
just because you blown me
think you fucking own me
let me tell you something about the working in my head
i'd like to be a loser when the woman said

this is the end of a beautiful story of ours
up on the evenue but in the stars
and soon i will be calling
my fingers sink down into the sand

and i say
wingedSerpent ...And falling, fell...

Farewell, bright fields...


here comes the summer again.

There was rain, but too late for the wildflowers to run riot in the parks, the mountains and the vacant lots.

but what else should grow here beside the thorny weeds, the scrubby grasses and all the brushfire fuel the season always brings?
neesh "Images of light are again used, as they were shortly after Portia entered the scene, as the final set of characters arrives. Instantly, Bassanio's compliment, his first words in the Act, is subverted by Portia, satirically adopting and bettering his own manner: 'Let me give light, but let me not be light'. The concept of giving light is attributed to Lucifer before his fall, evident in his name (from the Latin 'lux'), and his Greek name, 'heylel', is synonymous with the Day star, or Morning star, and also means to clarify, shine, to glorify and to boast. While no doubt Portia intended it as the giving of love (for the Day star is Venus), it thus highlights her self-aggrandisement and desire for power; also, this reference to the cosmology of the heavens is linked closely to the concept of rulership, as the Morning star was worshipped by the Babylonians. All of these fallacies in her are exposed in the following conclusion to the final plot thread, the ring bond, to which we are now introduced through the same speech, by her raising the subject of infidelity 'For a light wife doth make a heavy husband'."

(see: seraph)
erazure Father Lucifer you never looked so sane
You always did prefer the drizzle to the rain
andru235 and his brother flucifer 051128
god and that rockin' band Jucifer.

czech em' out! rock on!
Superfluous blond hair blue eyed devil wrapped in majesty, if only because evil was never more beautiful when dressed with a pretty face, and pretty boys and unforgivable blend sweetly, always. 070203
LoverOfLight "Darlin, there is no Satan, there is no Devil. There is Lucifer and Lucifer is the lover of light. You're no devil and you're not cursed." 081117
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