gja tell me? 080131
Lemon_Soda Laying on a down blanket covered in cool rose petals. 080131
nom lovely things 080131
jane kindness 080131
pobodys nerfect a warm summer night with chirping crickets & a sky full of stars 080131
anythingbutcryptic (i adore the word lovely. i think people underestimate it. it may be a 'simple' word and 'too broad' and 'boys and girls, you need to use more complex and specific adjectives in your descriptive narratives' but i beg to differ. it conveys a general sense of lovliness beyond context (sense??))

heart candy
when a child slips a hand into yours
milkbars with cheap lollies (like heart candy!)
long, strong, softly suffocating hugs
smiles from strangers
the feeling when you stop crying
flowers : roses, daisies
rainbows, butterflies, and all the rest

things in opp shops - old bridal gowns, bric o brac, fairy wings, faded paper packets of clothing patterns with ink drawings of lean women in suits on the fronts, flowery velvet couches with dark brown wooden arm rests, ... and on
what's it to you?
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