birdmad When routine bites hard
and ambitions are low
and resentment rides high
but emotions won't grow
and we're changing our ways
- taking different roads

And love, love will tear us apart again
And love, love will tear us apart again

Why is the bedroom so cold?
You've turned away
on your side.
Is my timing that flawed?
our respect run so dry?
But there's still this appeal
That we've kept to our lives

And love, love will tear us apart again
and love, love will tear us apart again

You cry out in your sleep -
all my failings expose.
There's a taste in my mouth
as desperation takes hold.
It's that something so good just can't function no more

and love, love will tear us apart again
and love, love will tear us apart again

love will tear us apart

C. Ian Curtis...all apologies to the artists
girl a beautiful joy division song....
sometimes i think there may be some truth to it....
vix If there was a song to tear me apart, I think this would be it 000811
heel turn joy_divison

a design for living

i remember nothing

she's lost control
tourist alone omnpotence
still unknowing
all potential choices growing
hindered by the selfs own blindness
GOD alone
in all His kindness
out of Love He tears assunder
His own SELF in peals of thunder
spilling out becomes the waters
now divided ever falters
Is the Woman and the serpent
gives in to His own temptations
falls from graces sweet remembrence
now through ages toils and breeds
forgetting that we live and breathe
air and water earth and fire
all the ONE that we desire
Love has shattered stirred and shaken
life we live Love not forsaken
til at last we do awaken
realising I AM ONE
sabbie the first time i heard this song
i almost cried.

and years later a crap (and almost criminaly cheerful) band named frente covered it. and the first time i heard that version, it bought me to the brink of tears again

for entirly different reasons
grendel i knew they had covered bizarre_love_triangle , but did not know about the "love will..." cover

QuinTin and Tuna . 010517
Gina the weana I like this but I have never heard of the group you guys talked about and I have never heard the song. I like it as a poem though 010522
j_blue so much love

everything's fine

and then

all you have to do is remind me how much i hate you
jennyanydots i couldn't understand why this song sounded so depressing. but i guess that was the whole point. 040405
pete love won't affect us, it is the root beneath the earth that cannot be seen, though gives us life 041026
magicforest . 041026
demure . 041027
f it is true,
love can sometimes be too much...
it can be too too strong,
it can be impossible...
but it is oh so morish
this song was on the film Series 7 The contenders!
i can never hear it without thinking of that damn film
flowerock to piece us back together as one. 140708
what's it to you?
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