tchiseen why who why oh god, why is this love gone is it left me alone again i knew it would happen once before she left me another girl left me and now i cannot be happy alone like this in teh dark at night i said somthing wrong but i long for yesterday love was such a brutal crushing teething breeding living feeling within me her all of us the world longing feeling useless used discarded unneeded unerved uneasy queasy (that's in there for baby) you know what i mean you're reading this you're feeling this, its been so long but you still know you still talk to her, dont you, i do but there is no way now, im far away she's far away she's in love, or even worse, she's had her own heart broken by someone who isnt you someone who DOESNT love her like you did someone she didnt ditch throw away abuse break shatter crush change forever
for ever
never the same , never sad never alone never down her smile her laugh her presense even her family her
her eyes
things you cant forget things that can haunt but keep light in your days, and let the dark in let it linger too, harsh, too, i know you wanted to say somthing but you're her friend now? what. her friends lighten her life not yours what does she do what can she do, just watch just listen just wait you know things like this work themselves out sure they do ill eat dinner wit her family with her husband in ten years yay i cant wait why would i do that would it remind me of now of last year of prom and her dress and her friends and her hair and her and the night and her corset you keep you've kept its dead now but its still alive, it wasnt alive before she wore it on her wrist, in a margerine container lol on the dresser at home. it smells like nothing it looks dead but she wore it, she broke it and i loved her
asdf the final piece of the puzzle
i hope so..
i'm tired of navigating this sea of blather
tyler waters "love lost: such a cost give me things that won't get lost
like a coin that won't get tossed
rollin' home to you"
-neil young 'old man'
superleni love tossed
me out for
Emptyness Alive love is lost but new love is found are hearts are recycled for the next bout in the ring. i wonder how many timews your heart can be broken 061010
three words love_lost i_want_to_be_cool there_is_no_spoon 110804
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