poet its ironic

when i dont have love, love is all that i want. sometimes just looking at couples on tv hurts.
but once (if) i get love, i will have switched roles, i will have gone from one extreme to the other, and i will be the one tormenting the loveless. but then love blinds. no one else really matters anymore, not like love matters. its like a wonderful horrible selfish disease.
Lemon_Soda Nice. Very nice. 070504
ahhhhhhh....... black rain !

scream it !
when darkness falls i loved her and i knew it wasn't just youthful infatuation... when i talk to her now all i feel is emptyness. we're still not friends. it won't ever be the same - i can't find the same feelings toward her inside me and no matter how much i want to. 070824
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