oren slugger 120516
freewriter he used to tell people he was from louisville. i could never get the pronounciation correct.

he was actually born in a small town, another -ville...which was bordering another small -ville. fucking french and kentucky.

but he told me about louisville.

about old town.

wow. i'm amazed i can't remember it anymore. i remember the names of the towns more than the stories about them. that's the opposite of how it usually goes.

maybe it's too late, and it's been too long. i was a different person then - biologically, emotionally, you name it - and that was a different life.

passing_time is strange.
I.T.S. It's not really about the time
or the place
or really about
the town

It's mostly about
the people,
And you,
And what you're going through
And what you're doing with
what's it to you?
who go