bijou lotowana. lake lotowana.

down the tubes.

three bedrooms. all wood floors. a giant patio, a giant deck, probably almost an acre of land altogether. a driveway big enough for four or five cars. on the lake. first tier. i walk down a rickety old concrete stairway down a big hill. and i am standing on my own dock. big enough for two boats, with a tin roof and everything. six hundred fifty dollars a month. thats about two hundred dollars a month less than a three bedroom house for rent in town. we already put the deposit down on it.

here's the thing. the last house i lived in was something of a "party" house. (if people asked me where i lived, complete strangers, i'd just say "the house behind hong kong express" and they'd say, "oh, yeah, i've been there. for a party. damn, you live there?" and they'd give this look like you said you lived in a gymnasium or something.) and silly me puts this address as a reference, not even thinking about the noise ordinance violations we got for having live bands play in our living room. the apartment i lived in before that, we were pretty good there. except for the holes i punched and kicked in the walls when i was really mad. heh. i also put this apartment as a reference.

so the guy calls me today and says he has received less than par information concerning our rental history. i was actually surprised, i don't know why. i thought it would be my poor credit rating that screwed us out of our dream house. i must admit, after hearing all this i got a bit emotional. i sobbed "we're good people! we can give you co-signer for the lease! we've never paid our rent late!" etc.

he said he would sleep on it. he likes us.

so if i don't get a phone call from him sometime tomorrow, i can expect my ripped up deposit check in the mail within the next few days.

if any of you are praying people, ask the big guy for a little help, eh? i haven't talked to him in awhile, i hate to just go askin for favors.
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