lost scared and hiding
in corners of minds
lost inside
problems and pain
nothing left
no one to care
a bright light
sunshine comes
flowers sprout
my pain is undone
im here with you
spring has come
desolate desert
breeds life again
those who are lost
are those who become found
everything is turned upside down
silentbob are ok by me 011015
lost thanks i never thought i was any good at writting and still dont but what ever. thanks anyway. 011015
l_o_s_t people unwittingly sell there souls
riches and sex beyond imagination
making promises not never kept
spilling blood of others
atleast i hurt myself
im the only to die
of my lashing out
my bad habits
slow destruction
crystalization of out thoughts
i cant be bought
i'll be here for life
waiting watching
for you
imagining thinking
of you
i wait
psychobabe o0h that was a good one

**not ment sarcastically but for real**
l o s t thanks. 011020
psychobabe many welcomes 011021
lost I dont know what to think
sometimes i think that you care
then insecurity catches me
it puts ideas in my head
and i push you away
then you are there with open arms and a smile
i run... just a mirage
let down again
without the strenght
or ability to care... again
i lie on the ground
wait to die... alone
psychobabe hey lost i have a favor to ask of you? do you think i could make my own "psychobabes_poems"? i dont wanna just copy you but i think its a good idea and i wanna let other see my work. 011023
l o s t go ahead. it's not in my authority to stop you and it's kool with me. i enjoy reading others poetry because it tells me what they really think. and as you can see most of my thoughts arent that great. thats why you people here on blather are pretty much the only people that have ever read any of mine. 011023
psychobabe aright i'll go for it, keep posted for some of my poetry :) 011024
lost why did you have to go and do it?
im sorry
I cant fight my way through it
why did you lie and say that you care?
im sorry
this is one thing i couldnt bare
why did you take away my pride?
im sorry
but... death is on my side
lost13 i titled this one i call it

love is bestowed not upon me
i feel caged
not able to run free
my family
is why
i hatefully despise
bottled emotion
the end of me
lost Alone in mind
I'll always be
social outcast
it's just me
pain inside
always there
can't take much more
sorrow to spare
no energy left
no room to care
blood on my hands
it's just mine
I'll drown as
I drink it like wine
rage beautiful
almost makes me feel lost myself
unhinged where'd he go to?

it makes me wonder how
him and thy are doing these days
Roaul Duke lets take a vote, who thinks i should start writting poems again? ill have to start a new page seeing as im not lost anymore 060615
p2 gopher it 060616
superleni write 060617
what's it to you?
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