typhoid this party..
of an old friend
who i havnt hung out with in a long time
i hope to see other people who i havnt even seen
creater of sins
a solvent, (sorry, i dont drink much solvents..)
you also dont know anyone here.
lets stand next to each other at the edge of the room
take comfort in each other's discomfort
after drunkeness
dance, have fun
the music gets louder
the party goes on
people leave
the music leaves
the drinks still flow
you keep telling us that you have never been this drunk before
never been this fucking drunk
'fuck' being every 3rd word or so
all but a few are gone now.
you disappear into the bathroom
appear much later
on the couch.
sickness ensues
and in the stream of tears following
i find out just how much some people believe those images in the magazines
of skinny girls
the ideal of beautiful
but not really
some sicko's ideal
but not real.
it's not healthy to weigh 110 when your 19 or 20 or whatever. live your life, you are beautiful as you are...
i almost cry (as close as i think i can come) as you tell the three of us
that oh, we're just trying to be nice,
but you are too fucked up.
you are not perfect.
you need to be perfect
i think, some fucking executive's ideal of perfect, making so many unhappy
you unhappy
i can't make it okay.
lotusflower where has she gone???? the cocteaus are gone forever. :( 000618
whirligirl ty, i'm sure you made things a little better. :) yup. people can improve this situation. i think so. 000619
nocturnal yup, that's me in a nut shell 010305
nocturnal searching for some direction in life, wanting everything to come together before I lose my mind. I am liz and I am so lost you can't begin to imagine. 010306
mikey i think my biggest problem in life is lack of motivation. i can fix this. but im..unmotivated so......lol 010306
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