MollyGoLightly the angriest city in the united states.

its hard to breathe when i'm there.
cantbreathe Maybe you should buy yourself some Otrivin. 000703
Legion just about a month before my seventeenth birthday...February 1989

twenty of us cooked up a scheme to tell our parents that we were going on some nicely supervised camping trip in the woods near Prescott.

the truth was that we had a couple of adults at our disposal to cover for us and took advantage of a certain airline's $19 each way from Phoenix to LA and back fare.

we spent forty-eight of the most dangerous and insane hours of our lives.

and i'll tell you now:

nothing sucks worse than climbing half-naked out an apartment window and trying to dress while running down the street from the gun-toting boyfriend of the girl who picked you up at a nightclub

except maybe for hiding in the freezer of a seven eleven and paying the whack-job behind the counter not to rat you out to anyone who comes looking
lokkust In seven days. 000703
whirligirl the good, the bad, and the ugly. 000703
whirligirl and the beautiful people. 000703
lotusflower ...i am here. waiting for these seven days to pass.
Barrett Oh yeas, the soul graveyard that should become Arizona Bay. Maybe then the fuck'n smog would dissipate. 000728
Piso Mojado its all worth it for a speedy ride down PCH

van morrison sings quietly

your face is smooth in the darkness

and the glare of the moon reflecting on the water reflecting the winshield

its not nightswimming:

its home
nmb it's 4 am in los angeles and I've been in bed crying, not sure why but maybe that's what all Angelinos do in the middle of the night. What a fucked-up city. But is any city different, really? Maybe we just have more lost souls here. But on an autumn day, when the Santa Anas blow in and the sun is up and the ocean shines...wow! 011108
nikko who knows where LA is?
is it on television?
or is it somewhere in the stars?
i saw it one day
and one day only
it became more like everything i've ever wanted in a society.
zion in LA?
i think not.
crush this land on behald of Him
and take away the sorrow.
NewYork is there too
LANY..that new TV show on BET.

LA huh? i saw a gang member
black male.
well whatever the fuck it was it was in my neighborhood
on Hollywood hills

and that's what i have to deal with.

i'm a filipino and this is my testimony.
here we are sitting in front of our
computer screens
talking of beauty,

i'm gonna become rich
writing about these things
and i hope you remember my name.

i'll be freestyling on an mp3 near you
i'll be published on a manuscript
for a quarter a day.
4 on a sunday.

i'll be singing a jazz track.
i'll be on a music video on MTV.
i'll be featured with dilated peoples
i'll be featured with incubus
i'll be featured with jay z
and i'll battle eminem
but for you "underground" cats.
i'll be conversing rhymes with Otherwize
getting daps from Eyedea
and i'll be sitting
having coffee in front of starbucks
with Aceyalone.
cus he knows what's up.
or rather Who's up.

That's God.
and he knows He's around.
like a giant ball that never touches the ground.
cus the ground is within it.
grounded like a cancelled energy
flowing through the current
currently rhyming
on the ocean currents
reoccuring nightmares?
or reoccuring realities?
distinguish by my style
and the forbearing galaxy

and it all dwells in a big mass of a ball.
but they don't all bounce.
it's the one that spins in place.
so get involved with how the world revolves and evolves.
in the vast emptiness of space.

and Mear's gonna be there to draw it all for me.
and someone named Rolo Tomosi's gonna take that damn shot, cus that's the moment that it took place.
in a limited infinite experience
of momentary equilibrium.

and Mikah 9's gonna sing with me about the home town blues so fast you can't distinguish the the sax from his voice.

Klev? yah that cat will rock a mic on a freestyle. constant kinetics of similes and metaphors.

and Reteric. yo that foo will continuously pound MCs at the basement.
though i've not officially met him.
he's tearin foos up on a constant.

and Grouch's dad, Akademik. for sure that foo will bust it wide open.
30 years in the making.
i mean is he gooooooooood?

my history book reveals itself. everyone's gonna want to know
how it all came about.
That shit ain't dead.
it's coming back
but who's gonna take it?
just watch LA takes their styles back
and don't be Rude to the Abstractions of our nature.

just watch.

read the Revelations.
that's all we've been talking about.
but foos didn't know what to do with it.
des see also: la
im particularly fond of the entry i have there.
magnitude 9222005: Earthquakes up to
4.7 strike area north of Los Angeles
magnitude 9222005: Earthquakes up to
4.7 strike area north of Los Angeles
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