Dafremen Looking Up To Look Down
by R. Dafremen

Oh the way you look at me
Down at me, you sneer at me
Given the choice you choose to be
My enemy, or so YOU see
Deriding me, so snide to me
Presumptuously chiding me
Contemptuously riding me
You've labelled me and seem to be
Convinced that you've disabled me
Disarmed the threat, but you can bet
Your smug barrage ain't over yet.

So I'll tell you of a smile I smile
And sing to you your song
Just stare into your ego's eyes
And show you where you're wrong
Look past your childish taunting
To the fear they try to hide
To the weaker you inside
Hidden deep behind the pride
Straight to the child who's spent his life
In some safe sheltered nest
Who excelled in academia
Was suckled at its breast
Was taught in safety to be bold
To see what isn't there:

That what you see is what you get
And what you dont, who cares?
That being brilliant makes you strong
That clothes can make the man
That what you have been taught
Is all you need to understand
That those who have prestige and wealth
Are those who'll win the game

Now some-odd years inside the womb
Here are your claims to shame:

Judgmental and vain
While fearful and weak
For pompousness can be a shield to the meek
To the scared and uncertain who've lived their whole lives
In their wombs and cocoons
In the arms of their wives
In the arms of "the norm."
Those who've learned all they know
In the eye of the storm
Where but gentle winds blow
You and fellow sheep scorn
As around you the rest
Brave the worst of the storm
Put ourselves to the test

Here the brain's just a tool
The sharp wit, but a thing
That's the death of a fool
Or a talent we bring
Not to taunt or belittle
To add to the mix
With the strong and artistic
The wise and the quick
Here the leaders among us
Are simple to find
Mixing strength with compassion
They're firm and yet kind.

So we step from the storm
And walk into the eye
Ignoring the scorn
Of the sheep we pass by
For we see in their weakness
The past of our own
The strength that we've gained
From what sheep haven't known
This experience leaves us
With little to say
To the judgements sheep pass in their naivete
See we've come to expect
Snobbish looks in their eyes
All the titters and smirks?
A transparent disguise.
It's how sheep find their shelter
The safety they seek
Thinking arrogant airs
Hide the fact that they're weak
But the weak in the world
Are quite easy to spot
By the sheep in their souls
And the sneers that they've got.
farmfish the artful roger does it again.
nice work.
Dafremen Curtsy.
(I couldn't stay away folx...this is just too damned much fun.)
Let them ban me and ban me again....

I wish peace with thee oh great blather_gods...hear my cries!!
mourningstars we'll get you my pretty, and your little dog_boots too

so what was it, your ISP kicked you or NDN blocked you? (they let that timmy guy go off with all of his racist bullshit - so that doesn't make sense...)

weird, man, like crazy, even

and it's "GRAND, high", jerky, the double adjective to make a nice sarcastic superlative

meanwhile the night is young and i've got stuff to do
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