misstree um...

anti_social_butterfly hasn't posted hereabouts in quite a while, and repeating the same thing over and over tends to get a little annoying...

not meaning this in a bitchy tone whatsoever, just fyi.
misstree being helpful for once also, babe, if you're looking at her wholist, you should easily be able to find her email... 040415
minnesota_chris I just sent him a nasty email. Why doesn't anybody call themselves "stubbious"? 040415
Longius thanks for the update, mistree. didn't figure out the date marker until after i posted.

this is my first trip to this site. i actually googled atlanta and dank and brought me here.

chis, get over yourself. and don't ever e-mail me again.
minnesota_chris kiss me and call me chis 040710
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