silentbob it hurts. it HURTS. I love you. I need to see you. you arent HERE! i miss you. Miss you! like conan misses andy richter. like cher misses sonny. like jackie o. missed JFK. like i'm a fuckin kid in the forest. i need to see you again. friday. friday im in love. 000601
kt emptiness and the end of everything. Love was there but only the tightiest bond can hold on to that love. 000612
silentbob our bond can hold...
our bond can withstand anything, i believe.
but it hurts so much
lotusflower ...are worth it. 000612
silentbob absence_makes_the_heart_grow_cold 000913
daxle I have been through the falling in love. I have been through the "everything is perfect" phase. I have been through the "we are too far apart, this will never work". I have been through "everything isn't perfect, should we break up?" and now I am at "we have something worth keeping, let's keep trying"
I read all your blathers about the wonders of love and finding "the perfect person" and I just kept thinking "wait until reality sets in". Ah the wonders of life!
j_blue in my experience medium long distance relationships tend to work very well.

it helps to have a cell phone with free long distance and live maybe a convenient 90 minutes away, so the relationship is littered with reunions and longing filled telephone calls. realtime relationships tend to be the real downers
silentbob daxle...are you talking to me?? 000914
guitar_freak here is my question. I met this guy in first grade. we got married in first grade. We were the best of friends forever. He was my first kiss. my first love, my first best friend, my first date, my first boyfriend. I always thought that I would end up marrying him. So did he. When he moved away in 6th grade my heart broke. We cried together at the news. We cried together when he left. When he was gone the phone bills were so huge his parents put a lockcode on it. He moved away 5 years ago. We still talk on the phone and visit time to time. I will always love this guy. I still would marry him if he ever asked me. Does anyone here belive that you could know the true love of your life your whole life? 001114
anonymous i believe that long distance relationships are worth the time and the effort.
I will be the first to admit that it gets so god-damn hard at times but if you really love someone and you bellieve that that they love you as well then there should be no sacrifice to great to make for the good of your relationship!
deb ::sigh::
sounds a little familiar...
in fact, i cried tonight
when we had to go
(the first time we said
goodnight, anyway)
because it's so hard-
but we're getting married
in august-
i should be happy-
i should be grinning
ear to ear
because he's so perfect
and i'm so lucky to have him
and it's not really that long
from now to then-
and then i realize
i can't hold him
and watch him fall asleep
in my arms-
and my eyes cloud up again
and the bags beneath them sag
and my heart breaks quietly
wishing i was there-
you are well worth the effort
and the aching and the waiting-
i'd do it all again
if i still get you in the end-
moonshine Long distance relationships are expensive. 010115
silentbob sarah
if The True Love Of YOur LIfe actually exists, of COURSE you could know them your whole life.
in fact it might be easier that way...

ther are so many girls i would go out with if i only had the fucking gas money.
stupidpunkgirl things that should happen
but can't
because of the distance between
Paragraph Teardrops on the keyboard. (I wonder, will they hurt Brad's computer?)
sitting here, catching up with your writing is killing me... (don't say 'I told you so babe')
I NEED you here this goes beyond mere want. My body craves you like the nicotine I try to rid myself of.
I get the shakes.
*pouts, desperately trying not to laugh at his own analogy*
I hate laughing, it shoots my writing all to hell.
I miss you babe.
Rayne I was in love. We were in love. It was perfect. Nothing could come between us. It was too good to be true minus the 2 hour drive. Finally someone that made me feel alive. We had faith. Our love was strong. He promised his love was forever. you promised you would never leave me! you promised you would never hurt me. Then why now are you not there? why am I alone? and why can I not stop crying when I think of you? We had it all. You gave it up. A love of a lifetime. True love can concuer anything. you gave up on me. You promised forever, you gave me 6 months. you said because the distance was too much. that you counldn't stand being without me. What about now? you gave up on me. I would do anything to have you back in my life. I miss you. I love you and I always will! You gave up on me and I love you!

My long distance relationship has left me alone, in pain, longing, and empty. Yet, to have what we did, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I love you!
lost hell when you are emotionally attached to the person. 010418
Dafremen Just what the father of a teenage girl needs.

She's just attached enough to keep the local boys away and just detached enough to get over him and move on.

Ahhh life is good.

Note To Self: Start relocation preparations for when she gets involved locally again. )evil grin(
lost mine will end soon. My girlfreind is moving closer to me this summer. 010424
sweetheart of the song tra bong I once read that absence is to love as wind is to flame. It extinguishes the small and enkindles the great.

Flowery, but appropriate, je crois.
lost how true. 010514
like rain. sometimes even when someone is only a few miles away, their gaze is shifted far away, past the setting sun.

sometimes when she looks at me, i can feel the distance, the longing, the uncertainty of it all.

it's frightening until you remember that no matter what, you'll be okay.
NinNy TinK Too and on Thursday watch the bloody walls instead.
Long distance revolts work....
1. because you know you can'nt see them,
2. because you are forever wondering where they are and what they are doing.
3. because you are hopfully faithful and bloody horney because of it.
4. Phone sex works wonders.
5. Its worth it if you know they are.

my heart says with that experience,
but he may not still be alive, thats a loss but I will never forget it.
just a cherished spark which I await to over come.
Aimee are so hard. I miss you all day. I talk only about you. I think about you all day. I dream about you all night. I catch the scent of your cologne in the air and my head turns cause maybe you're gonna surprise me. I hear a voice and I swear it could be you, so I turn my head hard, and it's not you. But love, I won't trade any of it, because when I see you I feel whole again. I feel safe only in your arms, and now what we once thought would be 2 years, is turning into 3. But I won't give up again. I can't now. Cause if I do, I'll never see you again. 010515
scheherazade don't. do. it. 010818
Qryssi My first boyfriend was a long distancey guy... I never met him... He turned out to be an asshole, and I swore to myself that I would never have another long-distance relationship again.

A few months after we broke up, I got another long distancey guy.

Broke up with him all too quickly... swore I'd never do it again...

Now I'm stuck in this thing that I can't figure out. Is it a relationship, is it not. He refuses to give me the answers, but insists that he cares a great deal for me. And I love him. So I guess that's a relationship, but I swore I'd never do it again. Twice.

Sigh. Love is good. Even if you can't touch your love, it's still good. You know what, it's really good.

I'm just fucked whenever either of our computers want to be evil :oP

My advice: If you can help it, don't take up a long distance relationship. If you can't help it, go for it. Never hold yourself back. Just don't go looking purposely for a guy (or girl) that lives so far away from you that there's a slim chance of meeting...

But I swear I'll meet him, yeah...
Sonya the sullen feline I always thought that these relationships would withstand the tests of life and time, and now I'm not so sure. For my love for L.A.P. only grows more when I am not talking to him or not reading words written by him. If only he knew how I am feeling right now so that maybe we could hold onto the happiness we both shared. I miss him so much. I love him more than my own being. I would give up everything for him. I don't know if I can stay here any longer. 011014
Dis I've never lived in the same city as he, and if we did I honestly don't think we'd last 6 months.

Of course, we've only known each other 6 months and it's been hell the entire time. Except for the 10 scant days we've spent together, those have been divine.

I'm an impatient person.
I get angry that he doesn't call or write as often as I need him to. I get angry that he seems to be doing just fine without me, while I'm sitting here longing for him. He says we just handle things differently, that's all. I say that's a crock, but what can I do?

I adore him. I carry him like a ghost on my shoulder wherever I go. I hear him in my ear, whispering to me at the grocery store, "I like edamame." And so I buy edamame, which I eat alone at home, without him.

He whispers to me in the clothing store, "I hate turtlenecks." And so I skip over the rack of turtlenecks and browse the jerseys instead. To wear here, in my city, where he will never see them.

It's ridiculous, and painful, and awful. It's a joke. I am deluding myself to say that I am anything but single. He and I will never be together, no matter how many times he asks me to move there. I know he doesn't mean it.

...And yet, I'll go on pretending he does. Because I want it to be so.
TalviFatin suck. 011107
Casey Maybe I should just cut off all ties before I go, I have a few months to prepare still. 011107
whoknows i tried it once. it wasnt the distance that ruined the relationship though. it was because the guy i was dating was fucking stupid. 011108
squigglybee they're hard and difficult but can work if both people are willing to do their part in the relationship. they aren't for everyone though. it takes mature people to be in a long distance relationship and you need lots of trust. 020705
Jeca I hadn't meant to kiss that night
Because I knew you'd go;
It wasn't fair that you should leave
I think I told you so
It KILLS each time I check the mail
And not see yours there
And I think of you when I watch the stars
And just about everywhere
It's a bitter, spicy pill and sweet
To read that kiss again
Terrified I hide my own reply
In some singsong telegram
Unfair you found words I couldn't but whisper
Though behind my ears they roared
And that I only have some cold device
To bring me your kiss once more.
devalis are worth it
the ultimate test
shorlove ho ha ha ha haaa! 030424
Rotten77 my boyfriend insisted we remain together when i moved away for college. he broke up with me four days after i left. he never knew what he wanted. 030424
megan hurt. ripping my insides out.
they do not work.
unless you really love each other.
cube Can't work. Guys will hold out for a week, maybe two - then they're back on the prowl. It's a hormonal 'thang'.
girl_jane yup...I'd say 827.1 miles is quite a distance...

jane i'm....afraid.

i don't want to have a long distance relationship.

2851.23 miles is too much; i already feel the distance growing as we lie next to each other.

i asked you if you would come to see me for my birthday and you said you would if you could afford it.

where has all your money gone? all the money you never spent on birthday presents, or christmas presents, or valentine's day presents? i never asked for anything but to be with you, and now you're not even going to give me that
niska there could be so many reasons not to, but in the end, you can do whatever makes you happy.

go with him.
fall of a sparrow I believe the word is mmrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaauuurrrurrrrrrrrrhgghghghghghhhhhhhghghrrrughhghmm.
But worth it.
joda It works, if you don't mind sleeping with other people in the meantime... 030513
jane i'm not going to do it
we'll stay friends
Nathan88 suck when one of the peeps isnt ina good mood

im not in a good mood...
bad feelins
scuzz I feel like I'm in one with everyone I'm close to, regardless of the miles between us. I hate language because I never know what to say. Would I have been able to help you if I'd had to say it instead of sit here typing it so easily? Feels like I have some choice to make here. Be with you or help you. What would you want more?

Oh well, I know your parents hate me anyway.
you it is a book in a cage. 030516
you bulimia death 030516
shivers My old boyfreind lived 15 minutes away. but it still felt like a long distance cause we both never botherd to see each other. it lasted to long. i guess i didnt really miss out on anything since he already is with someone new. 030516
no reason ireland isn't considered long distance, is it?

what we have is considered a relationship, isn't it?

dammit. X2.
silentbob it isn't considered long distance if you live in ireland 030517
Princess Lola i don't know if it's harder or easier when you keep changing from long distance to living together almost every 6 months. 030714
delial at least every once in awhile it isn't such a long distance at all 030714
counterentity So far yet so near,
I can almost imagine feeling the touch of your hands as you caress my hair,
I wondered if it would last,
I truly did.
I wondered if I was once again rushing into something blindly,
I still do.

will you be the one there long after the final note is sung?
the one at the end of the road?

or will our candle dim down and falter as so many others have?
DavesHeroinGirl Blather is full of you today and you'll never even know it. 030714
smurfus rex I've known her for seven and a half years now. Only in three of those years did we live in the same town. It started out as friendship, and almost crossed the line.

Now I'm in the mountains and she's on the coast and every time we talk on the phone, we end with "I miss you and I love you". It's kind of like romantic relationship, but it's mostly like you-need-me-I-got-your-back relationship. It could go full on romantic if and when she decides to take it there.

I don't pressure her to be exclusive, I don't pressure her into defining our friendship as anything more, in spite of what I want it to be, I just wait for her to be ready. She knows she just has to say the word, and I'm there. She knows my door is already and always open for her.

It's not a normal long distance relationship...in the conventional sense...but it serves our needs at the present moment, which is what a normal relationship of any distance should do.

I used to think if absence made a heart grow fonder, then distance made it forgetful. I'm not so sure of that anymore. If your hearts are true to each other, then distance won't matter.
iridescence longing has a limit. like a cat with its favorite toy, lost once it leaves eyesight. out of mind, out of heart.
I eventually forgot how love spanned that distance, but not all of me was content to break her heart with mine.
i broke my own instead.

did you know that it's impossible to make a heart love what it doesn't?
Arwyn really suck.... You miss their touch, their smell, their voice... you even start to miss the things that normally piss you off... *sighs* just come back or let me come home... I don't care, just as long as you're there. 030814
lady lunchbox you're half a world away, and i thought you'd actually try to make it work.

i've tried so hard.

i was doing so well. i went to class and i spent time with friends. i was happy talking to you once a week.

then the phone calls stopped. and i knew it was over.

almost a month with no contact, not a single word, and now you've ruined it all.

i don't go to class. i don't hang out with friends. i sit alone and cry.

i'd do anything in the world just to see your face again.

please, just come home.
her royal highness the quirk don't work 040319
white_wavezz opinion My advice to most people is:


My heart was broken because of it. He wasn't even out of state. Just four hours away, but he had an extremely busy schedule and it was more convenient to date someone closer to home. So the last i saw him, was some brief words of "this isn't working out" and then he left me alone in an unfamiliar city while he went to work. and i still had to drive home alone four hours in tears with a broken heart. i was young and naive at the time, but still. you deserve someone that will spend lots of time with you. unless you have your own jet plane, there's no point when there are plenty of fish in your own town.

but, by all means feel free to have that no_strings_attatched longdistancefling, longdistanceonenightstand, and longdistanceinternetromance. but don't expect anything long term to come of it.
magicforest sighs softly 040321
cntstnd Not so hard after all 040918
magicofrest then you are a lucky prick

they are so easy (at first)
cntstnd 2 years and running..still doing fine 041207
smurfus rex funny what a year and a half will do to your perspective...

I saw my previous post here and thought, "aw, silly boy! if only you knew then what you know now..."
unhinged after about five bowls
and a split darvaset
four hours later
i wondered about the girl
ten hours away
fuming pissed
that her man was getting_high
with another chick
and i wonder
why people even try
lust wins over love
dafremen 15 years married. Faithfully. It didn't start out this way. We fought constantly at first.

Our true love didn't begin with passion or lust or any such thing.

It began with us meeting on separate but synchronistic drinking binges.

It began with the common pain of having been betrayed and grew into a common trust that we would never do that to one another.

We are more in love today, then we have ever been.
dafremen see also: alonewithaboxofhuggybearsandthoughtsofyou 041208
plausable wretch a drinking binge sounds good right about now 041208
Octavo have this in common with close up relationships: one always loves more; one always hurts more and usually it's the same one... 041208
who i am doesnt matter anymore seems to be the only way i can truley love someone. i hate distance, but those far away mean more to me than those here at home. sometimes im scared of actually being close to those i love, affraid that distance is the only thing that keeps us together. its a curse. i want you here, but would it make things worse? the distance kills me, KILLS ME. but if its the only way to keep you, maybe its best if we are farther apart.
as for the relationship side of it, nope cant do it. that was yrs ago and ive sworn to never do it again. as real as it seems, its not real enough. its not the real thing. and im done being fake.
AMN Fischers Girl ... hurt bad,sometimes I lie and say it gets better with time. Which I say just often enough so that I believe myslef, but I always realize how UNtrue it is when it comes time for one of us to go back. That is when it is the hardest; when have to get on that plane after visiting him. He is in the Air Force and we are engaged to be married. Though the engagment does help because it sheds light on that time in the future when we will be able to call one roof home to both of us. 060930
no reason been wondering

maybe it can work if it's not too too far and somewhat easy to get to and you see each other more than occasionally and you both have similar views on the distance and you're both adaptable and neither of you are necessarily bound to places and you have itchy feet anyway

i guess that would be the ideal non-ideal situation
flowerock love spans time and space. trust must be infinite. my_lover_is_my_god love_is_my_religion when your partner is your god/goddess/sun it is not at all difficult to remain faithful to the connection you have built and nurtured, agreed upon, happily. It is easy to trust someone who you know has a healthy level of self respect, they want to live true to their words and hearts. If it were to be a longer term long distance situation, I would simply have to rearrange my life to follow by your side, because that is where I like to be and life is too short to waste missing you. 140706
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