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Spete ~Ode to a Piece of Fluff Stuck on a Lolly~


"Flopping stoppy ifferhop,
Eeble-opper wossinwop.
Woffineefle stoppysploffer fop!"

J suck on the lollypop.
suck on my lollypenis.
suck the cock of a duck.
suck the leprechaun's leprecock.
i am a rainbow lollypop and the world likes to lick my liquid sunshine tears that fall like raindrops,
and solidify into lollypopzzzzzzz.
Kristopher Lolly!!

When I used to go clubbing, I always had a package of cherry Blo-Pops I used to give out to the girly-girls.

Yeah, it didn't really get me anywhere, and it was kind of weird being a quite-literal stranger with candy.
mr pete i saw someone sucking on a lollypop shaped like a penis. I think she was about fifteen. 021229
megan they're happy. very happy. almost like a play that won't end. too happy, maybe. like singing and dancing together in a big group. call me scrooge, but that's not supposed to be done for excessive amounts of time. personally, i like the pina colada ones, little bit a kick to those 021230
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