peyton It's the little things that kill.. tearing at my brains again..

Going up and and coming down..
Scratch away.. it's the little things that kill..
littleidiot little things for little me. 021214
misstree it's the little things that
slip in and sting and
rumble about unpleasent and
actually do the damage.

the big things can be handled.
immensities elicit stoic sighs,
rumbling bass voices telling us
to endure, growling us strength.

it's the little disappointments that
writhe under the skin and dart away
just when you reach for their tail.
they sting and they sever, and

they leave us with empty aching
without even allowing us
to feel right about being hurt.
pipedream thank you, misstree. that's another thing i can't put into words.

little things..its the littlest things that make my heart sing, that break it, the smallest things and the tragedy is nobody notices. except for me.
(_) make me happy,
keep me sane.

lirrle_destructions undo_me.
(_) **little_destructions 051008
falling_alone caught a boy, staring. Made hime terribly flustered. Tried so hard not to smirk.
ever dumbening her slight lisp. her long, elegant hands and the way the feel when connected to mine. 110428
They Call Me Truth I used to be so certain about these things. Now I find myself wondering and questioning: how much did I really know and how much could I ever know? 110429
phil trinkets 110429
ever dumbening i found an eggshell along the trail, perfect with the dome cleanly removed. her eyes lit up. i gave it to her, and she transported it, mindfully in her strong but gentle hands, the whole rest of the hike and back to her home, her altar.


she fed me glorious things. blessed ghee with barhi datesólet it warm, mix, and melt in your mouth, she said. a spoonful of bee pollen, with similar instructions, from some rare specific tree worlds away. my tongue took me part way there.


brief brief moments where a line between our eyes said a particle more.


she intentionally brushes her hand against the stinging nettle, "stimulating the qi." i wish now i had stitched one more tiny thread and joined her.


i can't arrive beyond the thought that here is the only place these things will be known.
ever dumbening dear_nicole 110819
ever dumbening i wish i could let the little things just be what they are. instead, i want to weave them and lie next to you covered in this tapestry.

i am led (unintentionally) by you to soulful sounds and rhythms that make me badly crave moving with you. but you head to the desert to dance; i deserted.

i sit, not far from where you are, watching my mind drift towards you.
In_Bloom Brief encounters that seemed to pull all the loose ends taut, the ultimate future existing in a fistbump.

flowerock I_notice
Maybe I just assume you did it within my view just then, but I appreciated it, though I don't like to admit... it made me feel relieved and hope that you did too.
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