Q How about Earthsong?

Lingua nova?

How about Earthsong?

I'd heard about it years ago, and now recently have felt it being spoken. I believe it's a living language, spoken in two places that I know of.

It sounds smooth and soft, sometimes a bit confusing, but very exciting. The sound does provoke lovely thoughts.

I've been lead to believe Earthsong has no word for "fight" or "argument" but instead has a word that means, in rough translation, "be close, draw thoughts from each other, savor their beauty, combine them into something more exquisite."

Also, I've heard it's phrase for "great sex" is something like "an inevitable, enduring conclusion of deep communication."

I could imagine listening to it all night any night, and for years and years on end.

There is a written form too. This I understand is based on a linguisitic system called "quadit coding"; but I know hardly anything about lingusitics.

Apparently very little poetry, stories, or other literature has been written in the language, even though there is a rich oral tradition.

Much of this tradition, I've learned, is highly mystical. It is thought that it derives from ancient Gaelic tales about communion between lovers, between them and their children, and by and between people with stars, the Moon, the Earth, and nature in its pristine state, thought to be sacred.

Supposedly this pristine state begins with the appearance of something like the "Adam" and "Eve" of the Judeochristian tradition, except that these two figures arise separately, independently and complete.

For a time each wanders alone but feels that there is something missing, notwithstanding the lush and nourishing nature that surrounds each of them, and the delightful and beautiful heavens that are above them.

Then they find one another, and find what was missing: something we would call "loving communication."

The story unfolds from there. They learn, through continuous and ever deepening communication, how to be mutually dependent on and supportive of each other; how to unconditionally affirm each other, even when one does not fully agree with what the other is doing; how to carry on with their children in the world that surrounds them; how to learn about that world and celebrate what they learn; how to teach their children these things and how to have fun; and how to help each other die, when that time comes.

Concepts of "forbidden fruit" or "devil" (as "evil snake" or anything else) do not exist in the Earthsong tradition. Everything has its sacred purpose, to everything there is a joyous season under heaven.

The concept of "communication" - "talk before you shoot" - that is nearly absent from our and most other traditions, is a dominant one, and supplies the conceptual basis for "peace" and "love," among those who write, speak and understand Earthsong.

What do you think?

Would you like to learn it together?

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kestrel This sounds like an interesting
language, i betcha i could learn
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