fyn gula i s i t w h e n a l l i s t a k e n a w a y t h a t y o u s e e w h a t
y o u h a v e ?

is it when lightening strikes the tree that you discover fruit was on the branches? pull aside the matted grass with your leather gloved hand to discover the nest of pink, blind mice. watch the mother run for her life.

t a k e o f f t h e m a s k .
look in the mirror. you are only who you perceive yourself to be and your life is nothing unless you are actively living it.

breathe in oxygen. eat what the good soil brings forth. it is fuel you must burn. if you sleep, you dream. there is always someone to awaken you.

l i s t e n
there is music and when you hear it, you will find it is the song you have always been singing, but now others know the words.

y o u w i l l n o t f e e l
b e t t e r a l o n e .
the little you have is better than the nothing you think you have. no one can love you like you love yourself.

if i give you something it is from the deepest place of me, a place so far away i have traveled all these days and still have not reached it. but everyday i will give you a part of me and until there is nothing left but a whisper of anything i ever was, i will try to hold it in my open hand because all can ever be left is the love i have for you.

in my bones that ache
in my nerves that shake
in my eyes that look in your face and see questions, that sees me fading from your view, in all that i ever wanted, in the love that remains, a blood stained heart on a piece of hospital gauze removed after the stitches were sewed in.

don't turn it into grief.

yoink sucks my ear why bother getting out of bed if you know that it's the only place people want you at? 010603
laughing because i am happy to be alive 010901
distorted tendencies i wish i would drop dead right on the stop instead of having to limp through another day, another week, another month. I'm tired of it. 010901
Fire&Roses I go home tired and broken most days some days I jump into my bed rejoicing in the day. But always I arrise the next morning daring to go on. Tomoro is a new day. 010916
ilovepatsajak i like that, fyn gula. 010916
pat sajak daeth of a sailboat 030525
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