dondeestanlosjaguares Life will swallow them up. It seems that no matter how hard I try, it always happens, and there is nothing that I can do to stop it. My friends get busy and they stray off down their own paths. I will meet new people, and make new friends, but I will miss those that are now gone. I will miss the ones that I share childhood memories with. I will miss the ones I went to high school with. I will miss those that I loved and loved me back, that in friendship we found consolation to many of life?s early problems. Life will take them away from me, it?s already taken so many. How many more? Who knows, but then, how many have I been taken away from? How many saw me leave without leaving a trace and think of me every now and then? Life will swallow me up to. It has a way of doing this without you knowing until you?re entangled in its beautiful and intrinsic web. I am still holding on to a few, even fighting to rescue another, but I see them slip away, my grasp is not strong enough to tug away from what life wants. I guess all I can do know is give in. But if only they?d stay . . . If only they knew what they meant to me. How to let them know that if they can find me, they can count on me. I want to be there, even though life will carry me away like a screaming child at the store who wants that toy on the counter and mommy won?t get it for him so she pulls him away from it. I want my friends, but do friends exist in the realm of ?forever?? I only wish I knew. . . 030629
dondeestanlosjaguares and then i realized my commas and apostrophes are all question marks..... *sigh* oh well 030629
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