typhoid push up,
push down.
a lever lifted, a button depressed, a knob twiddled.
bacchanalian bits bouncing
silent switches singing...
in, out, in, out...
superleni if you really care about something, or want to change something, it doesn't always work to just grab it or tear at it. if you want someone to understand something, you can't achieve that by clobbering, smothering or drowning them with it. that just hurts and confuses them, and makes them try to get as far away as they can from your wonderful thing.

it is an art, expressing in such a way to inspire understanding and empathy, to show people what you see how you see it, to make them want to see what you have to show. if you're really good, you can convince them that your vision is how they see, too.

it is a dance for the revealer and the perciever; the enlightener and the enlightened. to be effective the process must be enjoyable for both.
what's it to you?
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