megan i can't do it anymore
every time we have problems it's the exact same thing
does he love me enough to change?
how can words hurt me so bad i can feel them running down my cheeks in tears?
doesn't he understand?
and the love, oh the love i have for him. it goes above and beyond anything i have ever known. he knows i could never leave him, is that why he feels safe in doing anything he pleases?
i wish i could say exactly what i mean, but there's really no words for it. just this feeling in the pit of my stomach that gets deeper every time i hear or see those words again.
i wish he'd come back to me and stay
i wish i could make him happy enough to want to
Lemon_Soda You can love a snake to tears, but it will always try to bite you. 030924
Aryon What do we say when our lives burn around us?
How do we express ourselves in times of need?
Why do we live and fight for those we do not want to fight for?
Who deems it their responsibility to choose what is right or wrong?
When is it our turn to live the life that is intended for us?
Where will we end this journey of nothingness?
In_Bloom We are bits and pieces
Flotsam and jetsam
We ebb in and out of one another, occasionally catching
Sticking for some while

And then there's the letdown
But it's more a release where you fall
Or crash or burn or collide
Cut loose and wanting warmth
Until you come to rest again in the arms of someone who asks you, "how did you find me?"

Or out of the corner of your eye
You perceive a glint
Could be dust or a sound, like chimes
And there it is, smiling at you
You reach out your arms to receive them and you ask, "how did you find me?"
. . 090330
no reason i don't want to need to stop getting my hopes up 090812
Hsg Without breaking 090813
unhinged *sigh*

my cut_and_run impulse strong these days
and for practical reasons also

i don't see myself with him for the rest of my life
he sees himself with me for the rest of his

something is telling me the let_down
would be easier now
rather than later
unhinged but it wasn't easy at all
not even a little bit
what's it to you?
who go