Ringmaster Who will win the FIGHT of the CENTURY??? 050718
Doar ??? they are fighting/debating/poking each other with sticks ??? 050718
The Heretic WHO RULES BARTER TOWN? 050718
emanon fraud 050718
Lemon_Soda I was eating a peanut butter and beef gravy sandwich, sitting on a park bench in the rain, when, just as I blinked, a news camera materialzed along with a full crew to accompany it. I was awestruck, as the slice of dill hanging from my mouth attested and had no idea how to respond to their questions.

"Whats the purse?"
"what forum will the fight take?"
"Are you fighting at home or abroad?"
"What size gym socks do you ware?"
"What about the sprite endorsement scandel with Perrier?"
"Is it true you have a new and improved citrus flavor?"

Still stunned, I blinked a few times, swallowed and said into the nearest microphone

"What the hell are you talking about?"
andru235 lemon_soda wins 050719
Lemon_Soda Hey, I signed nothin'. 050720
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