bijou perfume can't hide how you feel
if you feel like me
but i'm part of the most
beautiful thing i've ever seen

but there's only so much room inside of me
and like a bin i sometimes need
emptying too

and it's so much bigger than me
this deep green beautiful levelling
of everything i see
it washes away
everything that i would ever say
that i cling to

sometimes the lemmings made sense
such total sense
i'm a pale of water
that only just learned
to walk on the land
and found the earth
as flat as it once seemed

as it has always been

and with water in front of me
and behind me just these green fields
how loud it can be reassures me

you can take the ground from under me
adhere to flat land
because i have to

and i bide my time
it's called my life

i feel deep blue
beautiful levelling
of everything
that i cling to
and it's so much bigger than me

(deep green beautiful leveling)
frankie stubbs

christ, just read the lyrics. such total sense. then listen to the song. you will never go back to what you listened to before.
not ben kingsley it's like levah, man, yoh skin. 080506
what's it to you?
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