Persona I came up with the discovery that Dafremen had moved into town, and, wanting to meet him by chance I woke up extra early and parked my car in his driveway, climbed into the back seat, and pretended to be passed out....when he pulled into the driveway in his Jeep Cherokee after a long night at work, he was pretty pissed off that I was laying there pretending to he dragged me into his house and propped me up in a chair where we had a great conversation in which I casually dropped words like dB and yummychuckle to see if he would respond...he even gave me a grand tour of his inflatable solarium named anyway, after meeting his friends and smoking copious amounts, I asked to use his computer....I went to, and asked if he'd ever heard of it....he stared at the screen quizzically when I tried to explain it to him...he blinked a couple of times, then said he'd never heard of it.
I was trying to figure out whether there was more than one inflatable solarium owning Dafremen, or if he wanted to keep blather as his own when Dad woke me up to drive him to work
Dafremen There is only ONE inflatable solarium owning Dafremen and I am he, however I drive an 87 Chevy Caprice and if you had asked to use my computer I would have screamed at you in a jealous rage and told you to get yer own...after which I would have spent the rest of your visit casting suspicious looks in your direction.

You dream was accurate in one respect...I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what is...nor do I care.
yummyC i murdered my dad...stabbed him. 010709
strangeways here we come hope, no harm,
just another false alarm...
jane i dreamt that i was pregnant
but i wasn't showing yet

what the hell does that mean
amy dreams of pregnancy and babies usually mean that new things are coming down the pike. it's not quite ready to show, yet, either. 030102
devalis I as in prison for some reason, though I dun know why, and my friends had figured out a way to get me out that was so exceedingly simple that when all was said and done I could just walk out the door.
The security guard at the door was this janitor that's always hanging out in the girls locker room at my school (She's a woman) and she asked me what my ethnicity was. She always does that. And I usually tell her I'm filinegro, right, but since I was afraid she recognized me, I told her I was Samoan. She was still suspicious, but I walked out.
Then all these alarms went off, and when I got outside, it ended up that my school was the prison! Symoblic?
jane back and forth
burned to death

he haunted her
what's it to you?
who go