elimeny there never was a word that could cheer me up like "larla".
My suggestion to anyone and everyone:
If you ever need to smile,
just say it out loud....
it's great.
I don't know why I felt this was important to say...
oh yeah, i think i wanted to start a new word....
so there!
Larla Larla is my name. I'm glad to here it cheers you up to say it. lol 020219
My name is Larla too! Is there really someone else who shares this wonderful name with me? I've never met another Larla!
Larla My name is Larla! I'm from NJ. I searched the internet to see if there where anymore Larla's out there. I can't belive I found you. My dad always told me he made the name up. Our name is not listed in any internet or baby name list. AMAZING! How many of us are there? 060519
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