grasshopper ladybug on my finger
ladybug on my wrist
ladybug on my ankle
ladybug on my chest
ladybug on my window
ladybug on my wall
you have just enough spots to count
unhinged the day i almost died, i went outside the police station to smoke a cigarette and there was a ladybug crawling on the window. it was the end of january. tough resiliant little thing. i felt blessed. 010205
deb a tiny glob of scarlet
havoc-made splashes of
black glossy oil paint
creating the perfect little being

she'll flirt with you,
dancing lightly across your fingertips,
fluttering, making you believe she'll go,
irridescent wings peeking
timidly from beneath the
outer shell
look away, and she's gone

whatever you do,
don't tie her down.
seclusion kills her.
kelli crane ladybug
fly away home
your house is on fire
and your children will burn
silentbob this dilligent lady bug is crawling up my monitor. i admire him for his strength. it's cold outside. 020216
bethany ooh, you smacked me like the crack of a plastic bat like a simple game we used to play

MY ROOM IS SWARMING WITH LADYBUGS- no joke, anyone know if that means anything?

a boy named ladybug. Ok so there was this guy that was my boyfriend for 3 years. we went to college together and then we broke up and i was stuck there. young and dumb. we knew no one, and ended up in completely different circles. and my friends hated him coz we were druggies and he was an RA and we just fucked around with him tons. but we had a nickname for him, and a song from the nickname. he had this skin disease, infalago i think it's called, but it made him have little white spots , and unfortunately seemed to affect his "meat and potatoes" more than other places. so i, in true exgirlfriend of a dork fashion, told all my friends about this and hence- ladybug. we constantly called him it, sang the song to him, ahhh, i wonder what he told his friends /girl_he_left_me_for, after they heard it.
disclaimer: it was deserved and if not karma will take of the rest for me.
girl_jane There's one on my thumb. It made my day. I've been feeling numb and disconnected...but I'm ok now. I've been blessed by the company of a lady bug. 020327
girl_jane It has 19 spots... 020327
blown cherry One landed on my windscreen.
I didn't notice it at first.
It was so dark, I thought it was just dirt.
But after my friend go tout of the car, I was alone and could concentrate.
I noticed it had legs.

Friendly little ladybug,
just off centre from my line of sight,
kept me company all the cold and lonely way home.
crimson A ladybug was sighted in my bathroom last night.
This morning, upon stepping out of the shower, I noticed it was still there - sitting, actually, on the string elasticity of my discarded glitter-black nickers.
It crawled onto my hand, and as gently as I could manage, I slid it off onto the toilet paper roll. I then ripped off the sheet that the ladybug was walking on and placed in on the floor, so that it could free itself without the effort of flight.
It was still there and still quite alive when I got home.
Made me smile.
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