falsely nostalgic sometimes I see things that kx wrote (usually short) but coherent that make sense, no linkage stuff or news

(maybe three years ago) and I wish I'd been around then
and if I had, I think I'd miss it
They call me Truth i heard that he was banned from the site. gee i hope that is not true because i felt that people didnt appreciate his unique expression. 070628
Lemon_Soda You can't be banned form this site. Tis impossible. A public server and a different name is all you would need to get around anything Sage or Dallas could do. Unless they start using passwords and even then, you could just make up a new idientity to get a new login password. Iwouldn't be surprised if kx21 is still on here, doing their thing. 070628
jane obviously alfred_toh is not doing his thing anymore though, or else we would be flooded again. if he is on here, he learned the lesson of democracy 070628
? who who who ? 070628
what's it to you?
who go