asbestos Koan? There is no such word.

* and the monk attained enlightenment.
stork daddy i open the door and i step through and yet i'm still behind the door. 031016
a thimble in time The key to understanding is to grasp that tiny joint which connects the amourphously abstract with the utterly mundane. 031017
a thimble in time I was sleeping in my dream. 031017
monadh i do that somedreams
i'll wake in dreams to other dreams
somedreams it is like crawling through
the layers on an onion
a thimble in time ok monadh, you've unkoaned my koan.
Get this one and I'll be waking up inside a nightmare: What is the opposite of time?
a thimble in time Somewhere in the chaos of my mind I know there is order in my heart. 040202
zeke software for making generative music that Eno has used 040202
Andrew Sier After a journey of one million miles, the cow has reached the end of the universe. What does she do now? 040728
what's it to you?
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