The Truth [Knowledge] = Usable Information.

[Understanding] = Analytical Comprehension.

[Experience] = Time Spent Learning Life's Lessons (Aquiring [Knowledge])

[Good] = That Which Benefits or Creates.

[Evil] = That Which Destroys or Decieves.

Guidance = being taught [good] advice properly

[Righteousness] = Ability to discern the contrast between [Good] and [Evil] and choose the Justice of [Good].

[Intelligence] = [Knowledge] + [Understanding]

[Judgement] = [Understanding] + [Guidance] + [Righteousness]

[Wisdom] = [Experience] + [Judgement] + [Intelligence]
The Truth [Listening] = [Paying Attention] to [Guidance]

[Comprehension] = [Listening] + [Acceptance]
The Truth I wise man with nothing but love is more powerful than the richest political leader. 010725
dB Truth, can you do one for compassion? 010725
The Truth hmmmm...the breakdown of compassion:

[Compassion] = [Love] + [Empathy] + [kindness]


[Love] = [Care] + Giving + [nobility] + Emotion
[Empathy] = Sympathy + [Insight]
[Kindness] = Generosity + Sharing

[Care] = Concern for another's well being.
[Nobility] = Putting others needs before your own.
[Insight] = Intuitive [Understanding]
dB Not bad. I'd say that is only one part of Nobility though, there is much more that factors in to being noble.
But not bad.
The Truth yeah, I'm not even sure if nobility is the right word, I debated back and forth with myself before decidinge to just leave it alone. 010725
kx21 Knowledge is illusion? 010816
Gollum "Verb! That's what's happen'n" 010816
Mushroomman but that power can't always be controled 010817
The Truth I think it's always controlled...

by someone.
Mushroomman Sorry, The Truth,
it isn't that simple,
at least from my point of view...
but i can tell you are a very smart person...

note, there is no such thing as:

total control

but i know we like to belive that we are in control, there are too many possible variables for anyone to be in complete control. of course, there is always that illusion that some can portray, and for all the people who belive that the corporations or the government are in complete control of their lives, then they are just giving up their freedom to them.
Mushroomman the things i said about corporations and government, can be applied to many other things as well, just use your imagination. 010818
I belive that a lot of things happen for a reason, but, also that some things just happen, just cause they do.

There are many things that i cannot control... for example, i can a request a few days off of work, but who determines whether i do or not?
My boss, i have come to the conclusion, that he is an asshole, with no compassion, like a fucking stone,
but i will continue to request a weekend off, after everytime i get denied, hopeing that one day he will tire of my pestering, and give me the two-three days off work.
NOTE: i don't care if i am getting off track, because i was never on a track to begin with.

if i do get these weekend-days off,
i will finnally have an oportunity to see her... and i'm sure you know who i am talking about.
kx21 If and only if
Historical Perspective
= Future Perspective...

For instance, the real value of
$1 in today = $1 in tomorrow or
$1 in 2001 = $1 in 2100.

However, in reality the real value of $1
changes over time, perhaps every second , like the cells in human's body...

Given that Change is the only constant in the Universe...

Tell me how to put the future perspectives and present perspectives into the bottle of
historical perspectives...

Copyright 2001.
The Truth Well, Mushroomman, I see your point of view, and it makes sense.

But I wonder if you mean by
"no such thing as total control"
that no person or entity can have complete control over all things.

or if you mean that the whole concept doesn't exist. To this I would say,

All of us together have total control.

Whatever is not in your control, is DEFINITELY in someone else's control.

If you can tell me of something relating to society, that not under anyone's control in any way...

then I'll ask kx21 to tell you how wonder you are.
:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: For some reason, I just felt the sudden urge to come back here and say:

"Love is the answer."

(ok...I'll be going now.)
birdmad (head in the sand) and ignorance_is_bliss 011019
Grace ~and silence is golden..

joda It is.

And power corrupts.

Let this be a lesson to me and my bad self.

Grace didn't get that..

you did..
which is good..

least i'm out of that darned confessional booth..
gave me the willies..

joda It's not for you to get, Churchy. 030520
kx21 across_the_globe 070730
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