kx21 A Term coined by an author in his book:-

Mark Levy's Accidental Genius:
Revolutionize Your Thinking Through Private Writing.

It's an amazing book with many mind triggering Q_As, probably a good reference for blatherers.

Any good Kitchen Language / word / Phrase to share?

The web site:
kx21 virgibity... 010803
kx21 misssssspellings? 010803
tonya chicken_flavor 010803
TalviFatin Like the cooks...a secret language they share. "Heat it up" Probably means "dump pepper on there to kill him". 010803
kx21 Bullshit String...
Shit and Star,
Man_Talk and Woman_nag,
Big_Bang and Black_holes,
Nothing and Toe(s)...
kx21 And Last but not least...
kx21 Oops... 010805
User24 is that like creole language? 030618
rubydee adam and eve on a raft, wreck em!! 030618
karl In a wide afternoon mixing bowl
Add three cups of sunlight
Stir in your memories
With a handful of dessicated clouds
Add a tea spoon of dew
And conversation for taste
Cover with a lid
And bring to a golden brown simmer
pobodys nerfect *glares at you with arms folded across chest and taps foot impatiently*
Well that's just great,Karl! Once again,
you've forgotten to add the cinnamon, and vanilla extract! *stomps off*
Death of a Rose Pass the ketchup, please. 040618
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