peyton The rain is so cold..

it's so dark now.. the lights won't even shine on us..

god why won't she love me..

why is my heart breaking when our lips are together..

please god let me freeze like this.. let me be frozen with her in my arms..

let me freeze.. let the rain wash me away..

the blood from my heart washes into the gutters.. carried away by the water from the skies..

her hair is straight and heavy.. her makeup is gone..

we look so tragic.. if only one of us were just so slighty different..

with the rain.. she can't see me crying as she fades into the curtain of drops..

please come back.. please let me breath again..

(inspired by "Kissing in the Rain", the musical piece from the Great Expectations musical score)
peyton God grant me one sweet moment..

To Kiss in the Rain..
kill rhythm I love kissing in the rain. we were kissing in the rain when he asked me to be his girlfriend. i thought that day would never come, but i got 2 things i wanted at the same time. it was so great.

I love kissing in the rain.
Syrope any guy that will play in the rain with me automatically gets brownie points...making out in the rain is just...ahhh...only, s'gotta be when ya have nothin important to do afterwards, cuz i cant go out in public after being in the hair just goes insane. plus its sort of a trust thing, if i let a guy see me all soaked and lookin like a drowned rat, it means i like him :) lol
*hums It's Raining Men*
werewolf five_things_i_could_tell_by_looking_at_her
she'd kiss me in the rain,
her hair would be cold and wet against my face,
and her mouth would be uncompromisingly open and warm.
Her hands would waver in uncertain positions untill it really started coming down and then she would clutch me like she wanted to.
her eyes would glimmer like spring does in a rain drop, and we'd walk
down the street hand in hand,
keeping secret births
from the world.
The last dusk is,
tangled in thick grass and dew,
and kept stunningly away,
warm, safe, internal,
as we pull each other into the center of a street, and listfully kiss under steam, a cool contrast,
the rest of the world melting off
like still blown dandilions under hot rain.
kerry he was in his yellow windbreaker
under the umbrella
with that indian girl whose hips swivel all around
and you have feminine lips,
curls falling in your eyes...
clever boy
and i knew your eyes were watching me
as i ran in the rain
with it wetting my hair
and beading onto my eyelashes
and rolling down the calves and your eyes followed my sihlouette
then i look up,
you turn to her,
and i see you sneak a glance,
and all i want is to be close to you
when it's raining
yummyC kerry that was soooo pretty. The description of the lips and curls. EEK! It reminded me of a certain someone. For a moment I swear i felt your longing :) ....:( 020320
pushpins we were kissing in the rain
like the frantic movie kisses.
the nevermind-i-love-you-so-much!!
the never-leave-me-again-we-are-meant-to-be! kiss.
and my lips stung
plump with spring rain
and purpled from the enravishment
of our beating hearts pantomiming through out mouths.
we were kissing in the rain
looking into eachothers eyes
like a cliched love scene.
Only this time,
the stars shone for me
the raindrops and eyelashes
were singular and
this kiss was idiosyncratic
in every way.
this kiss was special and nobody
nobody else could possibly feel like us.

*note* this never happened. didn't come from my heart. never happened and I doubt it ever will. Kinda wish it would, though.
*hint hint*
girl_jane Oh I want summer to come.
lips and
rain and
wet and
hands and
bodies and
faces and
stomach aches and
stomach tingles and
belly buttons and
finger tips and
toes and
hair and
wind and
thunder and
lightning and
sun and
tree climbing and
hanging upside down and
roof sitting and
walking and
swinging and
playing and
flower picking and
dandelion flicking and
leaf stripping and
wondering and
hoping and
guessing and
excitement and
nervousness and
falling asleep outside and
crazy thoughts and
infatuation and
lust and
dare I say...

summer-summer and rain-
I'm waiting...
sotto voce i stood under an awning in downtown san francisco sipping on a hazelnut mocha from the starbuck's down the street and i watched two punks kissing. the rain was coming down hard and i wasn't ready to go home yet, what with all the damp bodies rushing home from work on the BART trains. i wasn't feeling like breathing the exhalations of a hundred tired human souls mingling with coffee and cigarettes and this bum's rank jeans. but these punks had it going on, unconcerned with such matters of inconsequence as EPA reports and efficiency experts and company downsizing. their colorful hair, this morning so gravity defiant, have collapsed. they were smearing each other's face with their running mascara and eyeliner. so they stood kissing in the middle of the sidewalk slowdancing to the sound of their chainlinks softly tinkling and the beating of their sweet little punk rock hearts. 020323
kerry thanks yummychuckle!! :) glad i could... um... communicate my longing to another blatherite
haha thanks
lycanthrope so beautiful 020324
eklektic a kick ass concert just let out. it was 12:47 am. we walked out of the club still high from the show. we didnt get there by car so we had to walk home. we were walking by the big trees that line herver street and we could smell the rain coming. so we stopped. to smell the rain. and he turned to me and said that my hair looked awesome, supersweaty and extramessy from the show. i said he looked supersweaty and extramessy. he smiled and grabbed me close and kissed me. and one rain drop fell on my arm. and he kissed it. and as the drops fell, he tried to catch each one on my skin. and finally it seemed like all the drops fell on my neck. and my shirt stuck to me. and his fingers were chilled behind my neck. and his lips were warm. all over me. 020330
oh my oh my 020908
josie froliking_in_the_rain 020909
josie sorry.. frolicking_in_the_rain 020909
mylasticmind kissing of the rain....the rain will kiss me 020909
Syrope theres a chance it might rain tomorrow. i need it to rain. i need to be kissed. 020909
myplasticmind *sends a cloud over* 020910
Syrope :) you have no idea how much that means to me :) *sniffle* 020910
~gez~ i'd like to try this. i think it would bring increased feelings of togetherness between both parties. and i suppose it could temporarily remind me of kissing in the shower, which would be even better again 020911
blown cherry but nothing like kissing in the sun,
a warm Byron sun,
when the kiss no longer has to end
becuase the night is through
jane i always wanted to be kissed in the rain. but i find whenever it's raining, people tend to look for a warm place to hide. why not find that warm place inside of each other? you can unzip your jacket and i can stick in my arms and feel your soft shirt underneath, the warm place i was looking for. and a kiss on the lips, on the mouth, that's your place. hide within me, explore the depths of my soul and look at the rain pounding down on the windows. hear the raindrops echoing inside the cave, reach up and feel the sunshine we have created ourselves 030425
endless desire kiss
brain stew i've never been kissed.
but when it happens
i want it to be in the rain
wearing your jacket
that is warm from your body
smelling of your clean, spicy cologne
rain pouring down
making everything taste like water;
clutching at you like a lifeline
dancing down my spine...
fused together
shivers i read these blaths and i feel sad, alone. you started flirting with me today. So happy. I think of all the ways i could have responded, im sorry. I got nervous
i want rain
lucky kissing in the rain
not sure who's kissing who
the rain, me or you

more like forever's blanket
brushing across your cheek
livening, no longer feeling weak

connecting us more?
filling even the_spaces_between
allowing us to fulfill a dream

like kissing_rain
doar :) 040809
peyton even if
it was inside
and on the couch
and didn't really happen
until you were gone
and i didn't feel it
until i was alone

i am so broken without you
D the mad crazy of the thought as the rain tears started

such beauty that wept when she said hello,

and tortured herself with everything she said and did,

i tried to help her. i fucking tried...

but she was still under the tree, standing alone and kissing the rain.

what's it to you?
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