puredream Boy with beautiful blue eyes...
I think I'd like to kiss you.
But I won't tell you that.
puredream at least not today. 040602
Liz I went into your space and lay there in between. Kiss you now in my mind more then that night I woke you and put my arms around you kissed you and smelled you ever so lightly. 040603
Clarity and to kiss you would be all i need to set me into a perfect existance. and to kiss you in places that noone else does, and to kiss you the way noone else does, and to kiss you 040603
puredream I'm going to go and kiss you awake now...

We'll see how that goes...
puredream Well I certainly didn't kiss you awake. I sat there for about an hour then fell asleep on you. But all is well...

And I was right...(right about what you say?)

for me to know.:)
anon. oh bloody fucking hell
not you too
pete perhaps in the wandering of my day dreams will be empressed upon tonight. if we take a walk by the river, talking and laughing, being comfortable together so that i can close my eyes and let the words that coarse through my viens be vocalized... then can i kiss you? 040607
puredream I always kiss you. Will I always kiss you? 040624
ebilsporkmonkey i kiss you and wonder when will be the next time i will feel your beautiful lips pressed ever so lightly next to mine
smelling you
the sweet smell of you fills my nose
i can't stop thinking about your lips and when i kissed them
your beautiful dimples when you smile
your eyes when you look at me
but most of all kissing you
superleni do you still kiss them, puredream? 060612
Emptyness Alive kiss you. hold you close, trap u with me.
soft kisses, hard kisses, passionate kisses, loving kisses.
want you
tell you
love you
ur lip like the last flower rose petals of the sumer.
soft and delicate like the winter flowering snowdrop.
will you let me kiss you
do i have the guts to find out
mabye we'll see
i hope
Kiss Kiss
Emptyness Alive ddd 061019
. kiss my spotty ass 061019
what's it to you?
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