werewolf kira would often sit and try to find escapes from her anxieties. her homework was often done weeks in advance. she did not have computers or a tv like others. the radio often helped her to relax. sometimes she would play chess games by herself, and though they were often different, it still felt like she was mainly going nowhere. her anxiety wasn't that she wasn't getting accolades or succeeding in school, in fact most people were quite direct in telling her how talented she was or how much she had and would accomplish. it wasn't this at all. it was that no matter where she went or what she did, she always brought the lonliness with her. 030815
pipedream kira was the name of one of hawaiian barbie's friends; i had hawaiian barbie and my sister had hawaiian kira. her head came off, and altohugh that meant we could get the little necklace she wore off now, it also meant that when we jammed it back on, kira had no neck. neckless barbies were the alien villians then. 030816
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