snss what i am blathering on 080711
u24 how very cool. 080711
epitome of incomprehensibility Why the laconic utterance? Why the recalcitrance? I think the word "kindle" is a decent enough subject for further blatheration than the little that you two have subjected it to. I'll kindle the fire a little here... I don't think this word would have survived the technological revolution if it hadn't been for its transmution into metaphorical usage. What think you? 080711
past there's always need for real fire and being able to light it. 080712
hsg here's my five sense:

i coax the anagram "nIkLeD" into this fire.

by rearranging the letters they rub on each other accordingly through various permutations. friction between what makesense and what gibbers ignites the fire of discernment. away with the dross and keep the gold;
kInDLe (el kind) a (nD LIke) solution.
LoverOfLight "He'll re kindle all the dreams it took you a lifetime to destroy" 081114
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