klarchen Small childe, do not kry.

Your blanket is only a block away.

After number-counting and shoelace-tying you can go home.

birdmad Mrs. Matthews.
Grandmotherly, nice enough lady.

'Cept for the fact that she used me and the fact that i could already read quite well as some dog_and_pony show to impress the first grade teachers

so the following year, when i was in second grade (with the same kids i had been sent to read to at story time the year before) i got the feeling that my classmates didn't appreciate it.

and the kids i had been in kindergarten with were not too thrilled that the school had seen fit not to put me through first grade

So, from then on, every time the rumour mill got to saying that they were thinking of skipping me another grade, i would play dumb just long enough to monkeywrench the idea...otherwise i would have likely graduated high school at age 15

good verbal skills are of little use to the pathologically shy

i can speak freely here because i don't have to look anyone in the eye
stan Kindergarten, german for child garden. Just don't pay attention for ten or twelve years and you'll come out okay. 000731
The Schleiffen Man not only could i read when i came into kindergarten, but i was a head taller than the rest of the kids. i looked like a second grader and read like one. i wasn't skipped a grade for social reasons i think, but i was put into the reading class 2 grades ahead of me. nothing like being thrust from your peers into a world of older kids that you have a more physical resemblance. don't get me started about the gifted program. 000731
whirligirl i got bad grades in kindergarten. 000731
misstee like birdmad,
unusually talented with words,
unusually incompetent with people...

from kindergarten's fuzzy memories forward,
school taught me much about words,
and much about people--
enough to make me enjoy
being antisocial.
typhoid at the other end of the spectrum (well, one of them)
i was counting to 100+ when by the time i was two
and could do addition, subtraction and multiplication in kindergarten. and i knew what division was, though i couldn't understand how to do it.
then i became anemic and didn't do anything out of the ordinary till i taught myself algebra in 7th grade.
didn't grow much either.
stan in kindergarten i picked strawberries and ate them i already knew i liked them 000731
klarchen Me and my humble blanket appear to be really lacking something intellectual and also appear to be kompletely inkompetent, in komparison with all the other bright ones here.

Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Oh, how I want my blanket more than ever now.

*kuddles up in to little ball in korner of room with blanket and softly kries self to sleep*
stan oh no clarchen, you are very clever, you must know it, don't you? There is something you seem to do easily and well, and it's a very difficult craft isn't it? I doubt you lack other talents. Cheer up. 000801
stan i mean i would give my left hand if my right one could be as creative as whichever appendage you use for writing. I am seldom creative, very left brained i guess. 000801
nanny At the end of the school year, all the students are bringing a present in for their kindergarten teacher.

the first student hands her a box. this student's father owns a candy store. the teacher shakes the box and says "it's something sweet to eat" the student asks "how'd you know" the teacher replies "just a lucky guess"

so then the next student hands the teacher her present. this student's father owns a bakery. so the teacher shakes the box and says "this is some yummy pastry" the student asks "how'd you know?" the teacher replies "just another lucky guess"

so a third student, who's father owned a winery, the teacher notices that the box is leaking. so she takes a drip of it on her finger and licks it. she says "it's some white wine" the little boy says "no it's not, guess again" so the teacher tkaes another taste and says "is it champaign?" the student says "no it's not, do you give up?" the teacher says "i give up" and with a huge smile on his face the little boy says "IT'S A PUPPY!!!"

i know it's a bit gross, but funny.
farmfish very funny. know any more? 011110
lady lunchbox first day.

got up early. ate a pop-tart. got dresses. brushed teeth. grabbed bookbag. grabbed lunchbox. waited for bus with mom and dad. sat in front seat.

met new kids. colored. learned. took a nap. got back on bus.

saw mom and dad waiting at bus stop. got off bus. bus began to leave. watched dad run after bus. bus stopped. dad got on. dad got off. got forgotten lunchbox from dad.

never forgot lunchbox again.
anne_jumps We learned how to clap quietly with our pinkies. 020830
x for months ahead of time my brother who was already in the school drilled me on phrases in spanish I would need to know "puedo ir al bano?" ["si, creo que puedes. quieres permiso?"]. the one phrase he didn't teach me but I was afraid to ask anyone about was when they'd ask each morning who was eating in the cafeteria at lunch. I raised or didn't raise my hand arbitrarily until I finally made a friend and asked them. that year we all seemed equally stupid, even the mexican kids, because there were other things that they didn't know as well. one day I spent what felt like several hours in the bathroom because there was no toilet paper and i was too afraid to call out for some. i spent lots of days alone during recess until a girl named corryn decided to befriend me (and we were best friends until the 4th grade... and very bad influences on each other). besides random art projects like ghosts made of white footprints I don't remember much alse about kindergarten. it was scary, but i never cried. 020830
~gez~ i know a place where no-one cries
crying at all is not allowed
not in my castle_on_a_cloud
Rhin i did not attend Kindergarten. at the time, it was not required. my parents' elected not to send me because of our geographical location, and the fact that my father was busy at Purdue, and my mother was working long hours.

when i began 1st grade, my teacher told my mother that i was ignorant. i'll never forget her saying that. she blamed this on my not attending Kindergarten. she said that although i had a grasp on the basics, i was still behind according to the standards...mostly in 'reading/comprehension'. she also said that i lacked appropriate social skills.

because of this, every school day at 1pm sharp, i was sent to a tutor. her name was Shelley. she was a senior in high school, and i fell in love with her immediately. i remember her smile the most. we met everyday (for 1 hour) in a little, dimly lit corner in the back of the bookstore's storage room. i can still remember the light from our lamp, and all of the darkness surrounding us. nothing else existed when i was with her. Shelley looked like an angel in jeans, especially when the light from the lamp would silhouette her blonde hair (she had one of those Farrah do's). she was such a positive influence on me. she worked with me for the entire year, never missing a single day. we read so many books together. because of her faith in me, by the time i entered into the 3rd grade, i was 3 years above the standard.

i never saw Shelley again, after my 1st year in school. she died in a car accident. i didn't even know her last name. i asked my mother if she remembered her. my mother said that she didn't ever remember me having a tutor. in fact, no one remembers, but me.
mo the first day of kindergarten was the day i descovered that i am afraid of my peers 030228
spoons for our spring play our school performed "Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten."
It was just a simple, but amazing play that pointed out truths of life that are thoughtlessly overlooked.
minnesota_chris Jesus, Rhin, good story.

You always hope that nice people live forever and have babies and move out into houses in the suburbs.

I fucking hate cars.
plumbrook well they love you, christ i mean chris.
they really do, if you would only notice their yearning beepings as they pass you by...
keep breathing i loved kindergarten. good place. little people don't miss out on the simple things in life. i, however, seem to be less and less aware of small joys. too busy. too tired. iam slowly becoming exactly what i am supposed to become. an adult. stupid "growing up." when i have more time... i will stop this... until then i am too preoccupied by classes and studying. 041130
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