tarin a roar like tsunami, coming from all directions, as it closes in on the eye of the beholder.
shiva's third eye opens.

no boundaries.. never were any.
amorfus sounds empty...

is it just a bigger and better robitussin?
tarin small amounts of it are comparable to robo, yes

fear or clinging prevents emptiness.

otherwise, empty. full of empty. no more, no less.
stevabaga down dripping
yo soy rio
I am flowing red blood
I am river that is everything
sea of ketamine
sea of womb
stevabaga see my plume 030220
stevabaga visited it once again I did
returned to where I was and am
yes a roar
yes it's hard to believe
when my ego wakes
it returns to old habits once again
reality is so hard to
and even though I was shown it
I have trouble honestly believing
what I've seen with my own eyes
my mind can disguise as unreal imagined dreamed
but there is no time
we're just here
something about the way our minds think creates time I think
so when I turn off my mind I'm slow again
things aren't so rushed anymore
I see there is infinite time to make decisions
to right and steady my position
not just like anything that's ever been
but just like robo
you are robo
we are robitussin and the walls and the desk and I'm sure I sound like a deluded mess
I know one thing though
it offers either the most profound insight on how the world works
and tells you exactly what people describe as heaven

or it causes the most intense delusion imaginable
I will never know
saz something you should know better of 030512
stevabaga terue seu eu own luver
ea dicole entumble ble
befo owe o number bur
reed encole entumble nuble
ble ble
s'hay sae eu oar liver
resz cude tablaba o
skeedoan an aisle o
reul eu euf el elf
. . 111025
what's it to you?
who go