blown cherry
I guess it must happen to any 'Ben' who doesn't mind a bit of the ol' Wars.

I just don't know what to do. I was far more attracted to him yesterday frankly, perhaps it was a hormone thing. But this is the first time we've actually talked and we didn't stop for hours. I was sad to have to end it, even if it was for the lovely Sarah_Blasko (note_to_self make a Sarah_Blasko blathe soon).

But maybe this is the right way to go. And at least this one has a car, and is 29 too. I think the best thing we talked about was our little argument over who has the daggier car, me with the shit box of a white 1986 Corolla with the Magic The Gathering sticker, or him with the 1988 bomb Nissan Pulsar with the transformers sticker. Frankly I think the transformers sticker just makes his car way too cool to compete.

I think I ought to give this a go.
Thanks for the chat Aunty Blather :)
blown cherry I mean there is the issue that Padme doesn't end up with Obi Wan, but it's not like things were ever going to have a happy ending with Anakin anway, and really, isn't Ben a much better catch? And Ewan certainly beats the crap out of Hayden in the looks stakes, not that Ben looks much like Ewan.

Ahhh, I'm an eternal geek :)
Up with Nerd Pride!

ponders what might be
kenobi ...and here I thought I had found a blather devoted entirely to me. ;-)

How is Anakin doing anyway?
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