deb there is a little boy i know
he's 2 and a half but
doesn't talk yet.
he's brilliant for his age
but his mind goes too fast for his
mouth to catch up.
when i met him he didn't say a single word..
he knew a little sign lanuage
and i taught him some more

in the past few months he has improved
he knows how to say mommy and bo
for brother
but that's about it

tonight i saw him and he smiled
and his mom asked him who i am-
he grinned widely and proudly
said my name

haha... he said deb before he said daddy

i'm just a little proud :)
god loggins!- 011015
the bastards yep we killed him 011016
stinerbeaner love is a delusion,
so is happiness
and fear
everytime its an illusion
whenever he is here,
love is a delusion
but we feel it still
so maybe we are delusional
but don't tell me its not real
goodbye. this is where our story ends.. 040228
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