Thyartshallshant I Love You.
G_wiz13 hey kelsey (how sweat shawn) 001226
sweetheart of the song tra bong Kelsey brought monkeys to school from Minnesota.

Now we go around with a Dymo labeler and make a bunch of "monkey" labels and stick them on random places around campus.

Bathroom toilet paper dispensers, doorknobs to the English building, campus maps, security blue phones, the library....

She is good stuff.
who i am doesnt matter anymore one day. 030821
lou_la_belle i knew a kelsey once,
she was soft and sweet and shy.
that didnt last long
she was crushed by junior high...
but! though bruised and battered,
this kelsey did live on.
new school, new friends,
she tried to do no wrong.
she thought to herself,
day after day,
perhaps this time I'll fit in
and have my own say.
days passed without trouble,
kelsey laughing all the while.
yet something was stirring inside her
that couldn't be hidden with a smile.
i want to be me!
said the steadily louder voice.
i want to be let out!
it said without asking kelsey's choice.
So the days grew harder,
and more fights broke out.
Because suddenly this kelsey
wasn't who she used to be.
Where did she go?
No one knows!
But she's gone for good,
never to come back.
luminesence .....whoa...... 040517
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