jennifer keith was my best friend when I was 5
tootsie too
he used to give me lightning bug engagement rings
rather disgusting now that I really think about it
we used to play He_Man and She_Ra and one year for Halloween we went as said characters
but we needed a Battlecat
keith had a white persian cat
so we took green magic markers and coloured the cat (we were 5 and 7)
needless to say, we didn't go trick_or_treating that year
silentbob keith is a good guy who liked things before me but i got into them anyway without him. he took me to A&W for supper once came to my house in the middle of the night cuz he was bored 000614
sweetheart of the song tra bong Redhead winter-pale skin

Rocks on the back two legs of his chair in class
feet up on the bar under the table.

Don't sit next to him while wearing flipflops.

Cute in a way, though.

I don't know what to say other than I want to sing "so_impossible" to him and get the answers.
cheer-up-emo-kid I love the way he can never take his hands off of me. I think he always has to be touching me, like rubbing my arm or something because he is afraid to let me go. 020620
kerry keith is my mom's asshole ex-husband. he took all her yearbooks except her senior year in highschool and college yearbooks but that doesn't matter because she didn't get her picture taken anyway.
he used to be handsome but got fat. sometimes i wonder what id be like if they'd had kids and then i remember that i wouldn't be ME.
me the best person EVER. 020620
WiseMeLoN Meryl loves him, and he loves her like a popped cork in his ass, it hits the G spot. Its slow and its going to be sexy and its going to be open, and its going to be confusing, and its going to be really good. 021023
Goddess of Loff Yes, meryl is found of you too. 021023
me i knew a guy called keith, he was a total asshole. i hate him. 021201
girlnamedlover "sometimes I wish that I was a bong hit
you'd let me in and you would love every minute
and tell the room the things I did to you"
MV540 by george, he eats popcorn shrimp all day and lies about printers. sometimes he sticks a glove in his mouth and lies about treking snow through his garage. 021217
Treninat Oh,he's that kid that sucks toes. 021217
Space of Office You know maybe if his head werent in the toilet, he could see that there is toilet paper left on the roll. ive known him, eating salmon flavored cream cheese on his bagels give him great pleasure.he needs a new job. hes getting too old for what he does. 021217
full oBah sledgehammer the smooth porcelain.
spill him out into the dry, but in a puddel of his former glory. then yell at him in a jackcent
DisasterForecaster He thinks he is us or Meryl or Kagan or Phil or Wisemelon or Danielle or Alex or Vir. 021218
DisasterForecaster But we know who the fuck he is. D . 021218
yes rat them apples all rye bread 021219
LEt me put my sunglasses on yes see the problem of the being tis not in kagen but rather in phils twisted head. He needs not thing of random as the gift does not come with his work, randomness is a virtue only given to the gifted 021229
me I knew a kid named Keith he was stupid. I did not like him. He liked chili. He would say, "Keith like chili, Keith like chili." 030109
sadg a]s-d0gu 031127
andie just got a return email from him
and i remember how twisted i was
on him for over 3 years
every now and then getting time
with him to add to my hopes
i used to live for the nights
he would call me to come over
i used to give him back rubs
almost every night
i could sleep so well after them
and even though i shouldn't have
the butterflies rose up in my stomach

copyright 2004
a thinking about him again... 040205
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