unhinged fuck_you

and your stupid spam bullshit
jane what_the_fuck 070618
mr song destroy_kari_finn your not wanted, spam email is bad enough! stay the fuck out of blather! 070618
WTF seriously, what the fuck?! 070619
die bitch die 070619
harvey poopflinger IV - esq they provided us with a mailing address, what say we respond to their deluge of shit by mailing them some used cat litter with a note saying, "we'll stop sending our shit to you when you stop sending your shit to blather" 070619
swears the misfortune i havn't seen you around lately... let's keep it that way 070620
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Kari Finn
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jane the last post was me. i wanted to preserve a piece of kari finn, since she stirred up blather in the worst way, and all her blathes will be gone except for this one, my stealing from her. 070621
zeke jane, did you shut her down? if so, thank you. 070622
Strideo She was one of my favorite characters on blather. I was so upset when she was killed off. Every story needs a good antagonist.


I'm sorry kari finn but I'm glad I shan't see your spam again.
jane i emailed dallas
& he killed her off,
see: dallas for da emailz
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