WiseMeLoN likes to lead. likes to mature. likes to live. lives with fun. definitions. rusting around the edges of jealousy. a bear transformed to a walrus in the shadows. strong. friendly. debate. arrogant. correct. 2nd grader - young man - mature adult - dead man. Logic. the box. alive in everyones mind. animated. some are offended, but he becomes a john and lets people sit on him until he can john dear them again. Cycle of wiseness and nice. Not the best. Not stupid. 021023
coldmeshach Mars A TARS. ERGh
mArs O Tars. ergH
Mars U Tars. ERGHs
Mars Y Tars. ERGHSSS

Times Square Vistitor Center out side of the golden archs that writes like a 5 near a 4. Where the other line?
sincerely your ass 121 yes yes in the league with he that begins with the P. Mr. K walked up to Mr. P and hesaid "How do you do madam I WISH TO DUIE DPOAuiU2 IOU iu@ o iu@oi ISEROV THE POODING DE JOUR IS THAT THE BEING OF:!! the meaning!! (all being waith Acces codes MUST rATtain to save timee!!!! TIME!!!! 021229
you wish 121 over the course of my summer exploits i ran into a Tahitian Witch Doctor on an Atol. The with doctor motioned for me to come close, where he said "Reepoodalata ixxvan rumfeld die kagen die" Puzzled by this i managed to ecscape yet i also managed to destroy half of the village and kill several furry animals disturbed by this action i soon discovered that blather wasnt the secret at all as any person could simply go to yahoo and tyoe in blather, whereupon i typed in key phrases such as "phil" or "keith" upon entering this i was able to access stuff an access code if you will. I soon found that this is just a stupid place for one to bide ones time so i made it my buisness to do so. Im e from the moment of this messages conception it had a certain purpose. Of course i buried that purpose deep amongst mindless ramble and the purpose is this.. That the being is know and knowing is power power is money and money is power power is strength and strength is weakness weakness is exploited by the wealthy in a full circle of craziness. The moral of the story boys and girls is that if you actually read this entire mindless ramble, then you are the type to walk away thinking "wow i wonder what he meant by that..ill have to devote alot of my time to thinking about it.." the truth is i could of or couldnt of you really dont know and i dont intend on letting you know as the minutes pass now, the one word on my mind is sandwhich however the sandwhih meat, in this case roast beef is harvested from the weak...an animal we bred for our purposes, that we all affectionately call the cow. Cows are interesting as the only purpose in life for them is to die. Wow i bet that made your mind spin eh Mr. Q? you ee words out all my brothers are rushing in you cant stop it as it is you and that is it...dont you see its all there and you dont know you never will and you cant figureit out you cant you wont but you need to, in order to spite yourself, your primitive bodged together mind struggles and races to comprehend the meaning if my words..you just wasted a whole shitload of timje reading this, i typre 100 something words a minute so in all it was a simple task im not actually thinking of ewhat im typing, thats what makes the info so interesting after all whats a Q without a U...or a P
whats something you can sit on, but not take with you
coldmeshach A:The Universe

On that note....Whats a 007 without a Q?
we know its you phil mwaha 031127
what's it to you?
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