endless desire tell me what you see: 030923
Lemon_Soda A bunch of people who have no idea where their going or what's worth while.

Atleast, in my opinion.
Nukemall marching hammers, faceless souls, flame throwers, gallows 031014
three words self_denigration just_take_a_look i_now_know 101023
e_o_i I see a cabinet with wineglasses inside it and vases on the top, an agenda, this computer screen, a printer, the reflection of my face in the cabinet's glass (glasses slipping down my nose), a chair, a pen, a plastic bag from Zellers, a teddy bear that is not mine, a stack of cards, a white wall, a roll of pink wrapping paper, a wooden floor, several electrical cables, an open recipe book, an eraser and a yellow-orange marker.

...anyone else obsessively literal?
Strideo it's_in_a_book!
what's it to you?
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