jennifer (There's life underground)

I feel it all around / I feel it in my bones
My life is on the line / When I'm away from home
When I step out the door / The jungle is alive
I do not trust my ears / I don't believe my eyes
I will not fall in love / I cannot risk the bet
Cause hearts are fragile toys / so easy to forget

It's just another day / There's murder in the air
It drags me when I walk / I smell it everywhere
It's just another day / Where people cling to light
To drive away the fear / That comes with every night

It's just another . . . . . . . It's just another day
It's just another . . . . . . . It's just another day . . .

It's just another day--When people wake from dreams
With voices in their ears--That will not go away

I had a dream last night / The world was set on fire
And everywhere I ran / There wasn't any water
The temperature increased / The sky was crimson red
The clouds turned into smoke / And everyone was dead
(but) There's a smile on my face . . . For everyone
There's a golden coin . . . That reflects the sun
There's a lonely place . . . That's always cold
There's a place in the stars . . . For when you get old

There's razors in my bed / That come out late at night
They always disappear / Before the morning light
I'm dreaming again / Of life underground
It doesn't ever move / It doesn't make a sound
And just when I think--That things are in their place
The heavens are secure--The whole thing explodes in my face

~D.E. of O.B.
daxle We had this thing in my high school humanities class where we took turns reading poems each day. I read this song. My voice started shaking by the end, from the increasing consciousness of a room full of people, totally silent, listening to my every word. I have to take a deep breath from even thinking about it... heh 001120
kirstin in the neighborhood. 010305
sabbie and i spend the day
being me
visiting the outside world
and being fine.

i spend the nights
on the net
searching for jobs
all those employment websites

not my job to be found.

maybe i left it under that rock...

just another day...
just another day...
just another day...

i hate this.
Syrope except nothing's the same.. 020612
squint oh its just another day, ladies and gentlemen, I'm open for insults, compliments, insight, laughter, tears, I'm open today!
my brains keep falling out and sloching on the sidewalk but when i look in the mirror, i like what i see because she is me and who else will decide if I'm good enough? Nobody else matters unless I LET them, get me? so I was looking at that girl, the mirror dummy thats always fixing her hair or smile, and i said "you better stop messing with me, or I'll break your face!" she looked scared, but kept washing her face and cursing about her mothers oily skin and goddamn genetics. she didn't look too defeated, but I know she fears me. She's gonna be sorry she ever made me sad. reflection bitch.
:_) loves 80s that puts the oingy in my boingy. 040215
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