jennifer *g* loves that I'm so young that I don't really remember Joni Mitchell.
I love that he gives me backrubs when I don't ask
Brad 1980 Shadows and Light tour. The only reason I know this bit of Joni Mitchell trivia is that on that tour, Pat Metheny played guitar, Jaco Pastorious played bass, Lyle Mays (whose alma mater happens to be the school I go to) on Piano, Michael Brecker on sax, and Don Alias on percussion. I think she was trying to do a sort of a jazz thing. Needless to say, she was ridiculously outclassed by the musicians on her own tour. 000526
splinken "they paved paradise, put up a parking lot."

the chorus makes me soft, sleepy, worried, and tearful.
god so he buried the coins he made in people's park,
and went looking for a woman to court and spark
god joni mitchell = alf_pogs 040928
my name it means nothin ooooh california, california comin home...


i wish I had a river I could skate away on...I wish I had a river so long I could teach my feet to, flyyyy


so you packed your tent and went to live out in the arizona sand, you are a refugee, from a wealthy family, you gave up all the golden see, who in the world you might be....

her words and music are so beautiful. I listened to side 2 of blue for like 4 months straight. that the only music I never get/got tired of.
my name it means nothin ah god, I forgot:

I'm frightened by the devil and I'm drawn to those ones that ain't afraid.

I definitely get that line...
what's it to you?
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